Everybody ready for RECOUNTS?!?!


Sure, buddy. GOP fever dreams.




It is amazing what only listening to right-wing entertainment programs do to some of our brothers and sisters ability to stay tethered to reality. What’s scary is that Mr. Freeman is among millions who think in these conspiratorial terms. This stuff simply does not happen like the caricature way they believe. I kind of feel bad for them to be honest.


You can guarantee something that never happened in the first place, but once it becomes a Republican fairy tale, nothing can dislodge it.


What’s scary is the way liberals trash everything positive that PRESIDENT Trump has done in two years while the media and everyone was against him. If it weren’t for people like Mr. Hannity bringing us the stories of his success then we would have nothing but liberal media lies.


It’s not just liberals that can see through the facade of the con that is Trump. There are plenty of conservatives like myself that see his immorality, unethical behavior, and complete lack of integrity for what it is. And it is ironic you bring up lies, when you support the biggest liar of them all in Trump.


And there he goes. Hannity just closed out his first hour with “Are the Democrats trying to STEAL the Florida Senate and Governor races!”



Liberals only know how to steal. Rob social security to pay for handouts. Steal elections with phony recounts and “questionable ballots”. Its been their MO for decades


What, he didn’t mention Arizona? Seems like an oversight.


Am I at the beginning or the end? I want to make the last post not the first one.


I’m sure that’s coming.


For the person who said that liberals only steal. I dont like that at all. Sometimes they do other things. Some of them are good people. Why is voting talk in the religion section?


It’s not Friday yet.


Its not, its in politics.

Thanks for thinking some of us are good people, lol. And welcome to the forum.


Oh please. If anyone can’t win on merit, just look at ND, KS, & GA cons. Voter suppression, and in what universe should you be in control of the voting in your own race??


How is making sure someone is a citizen with ID voter suppression?


Just remember: Both sides don’t._


I didn’t say making sure someone is a citizen is voter suppression did I?


It should be unbelievable, but it apparently isn’t.


This is the politics forum my dear. Welcome by the way. :slight_smile: