"Evangelical" trump doesn't recite Apostles' Creed at GHWB funeral


You have hundreds of such posts.

Among you libs? It’s a badge of honor.


You consider yourself a religious man, right?


Nonsense. But it should read “the sphincter” not “his”.


The cheese will always stand alone.


It boggles my mind. The bar is sooooooo low with Trump. The right has basically pulled the bar from it’s supports, placed it on the floor, and have walked away.


I don’t understand it either. And you’re right - the bar is on the floor. He will still somehow manage to go lower though.


Bottom line : Trump didn’t say it because he never bothered to learn it because it’s boring and he doesn’t give a ■■■■ about it. And that’s why he’s so great. Doing stuff just out of respect or optics is a waste of time and is kind of like lying thus he’s the most honest person there you’re welcome.


Biden is Catholic. We memorize this sucker before the age of 5. No need to read.


“Wednesday’s state funeral was carefully orchestrated to be about one man and his milestones — Bush the father, the friend, the war hero and the lifelong public servant. But inevitably it became about Trump, too, for it was impossible to pay tribute to the 41st president without drawing implicit contrasts with the 45th.”

Yes. It very much is possible. But not for the Washington Post. Like much of the left they wanted to use the Bush funeral for one purpose…to do more “get Trump”. It is what they are.


You believe you can post anything you want here as long as it is listed in the dictionary?

So much anger. Maybe you should take a minute to calm down.


Again, you want to ignore the fact that Trump is an awful human being. That fact, as the author you quoted states, is why people focused on Trump’s presence.


Also, ask yourself why anyone would question whether or not Trump would be invited to Bush’s funeral.

And no, it’s not the fault of the person asking the question.


LOL - like a medal won in a personal Vietnam


You forgot the part of the post you were responding to that said “Blah blah blah.” Which was clearly indicative of more than exactly what you quoted.


I neither fabricated nor backtracked.


He was likely asked because GHW Bush was a gracious person who was willing to overlook Trump’s insults against family members in the campaign because he did not want to harm the reputation of the Presidency further and because that is who he was.
Between vicious personal attacks, having to pay to keep his sexual affairs quiet, lying as if it didn’t matter, Trump has a justifiably bad reputation.
Creating additional made up cases, like has been going on recently, is not justified by real personal flaws. Its like if he hasn’t done anything recently to complain about we will just make something up.


Who made things up? What are you even talking about? I don’t even see anyone expressing outrage about it.

Meanwhile, here are some examples of fake outrage:

“they cling to guns or religion”

“they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun”

“you didn’t build that”

When Right wingers can’t find real outrage they just manufacture a counterfeit version.


I would say, unlike this current fit about the Apostles Creed by some who likely didn’t even know what it was a day ago, that two out of three of those statements would justifiably cause complaints.

I was never on board with the “you didn’t build that” thing, though.


^ just like I thought

If Obama ignored scripture like that while everyone else was clearly engaged, republicans would have a fit.


I find hilarious this idea that those who are laughing about Trump not reciting the Apostles Creed as not knowing it themselves.

My theory about this is that Trump is an atheist… which is fine and he needs reading glasses but is too vain to wear them in public.

I don’t care that he didn’t recite the Apostles Creed… I am just laughing at the CEC and the Trumpists who set their hair on fire over every stupid little thing during the Obama Presidency. The amount of electrons spilled over the bust of Churchill alone could have powered cities.

But when Trump does something that is impolite or has a whiff of impropriety… nothing.


I don’t think so. I wouldn’t. Of course, you have pretty much indicated you don’t know what the Apostles creed is by that statement, so relax.