"Evangelical" trump doesn't recite Apostles' Creed at GHWB funeral


Ugh what are you Canadian, stop being so polite.


actually Grandma was a dual citizen. she was an American, her second marriage (her first husband died) was to a Canadian actuary who worked for Mutual Benefit for many years.
Hellva good guy (for a Canadian, that is). settled in Waterloo, marriage lasted until he died 30 years later.

I gladly recited whatever was decided upon.



Well said.

Obama’s signature achievement - a noble, albeit flawed effort to bring medical care to all Americans

Trump’s signature achievement (though really McConnell’s) - give the ultra-wealthy 1% a huge, unnecessary tax cut, which the children’s children of generations of his followers will pay for.


It’s hard to recite the word of god when you’ve made a pact with the devil.


I know how dare people watch the president of this country…but again this is all you post…how you dont care…


And here it is. Being unable to make it a legitimate news article over such nonsense, Yahoo reports that the “twitterverse” was “twittering” about Trump not citing the Apostles creed.

If it is simply too lame to justify a news article, they make it an article that idiots were “twittering” about it.



And if you want to worry about a lack of respect for our former President, forget about Trump not reciting the Apostles creed, just look at how the left could care less about Bush and is spending all their efforts trying to find something to harp about Trump.


Yes, pure absurdity:





Tan suit. Feet on desk. Work a bike helmet. Chewed gum.


Is Trump dyslexic?


It’s like you’ve forgotten what took place between 2006 - 2016.


Tell me how that picture says anyone is claiming that Trump is " the chosen one to lead us to the promise land".

Damn, you libs can make up trash out of whole cloth.


If you’re looking for that exact quote, then no. But there are plenty of evangelicals who believe Trump was chosen and anointed by God to lead this nation, which I believe was the gist of what @The_Original_Birther was getting at. It’s amazing that we can’t take Trump at face value, but if you don’t prove EXACTLY what was said verbatim here, then so sorry, you were wrong.



Good job, guvnah. You’ve quoted 3 of the posts that I’ve made in the past 24 hours. Your evidence supporting your fact-free opinion is overwhelming.

If you think your posts in this thread have been “content-full,” well…

Since we’ve decided to go personal, you don’t really have a handle on your reputation on this board, do you?


Here’s an actual news story about Trump’s presence at the funeral.

Here’s the thing. You’re trying to make this into a nothing burger. But actually, the fact that Trump was invited to this funeral at all IS NEWS WORTHY!!! You know why? Because Trump is an awful human being that people think twice about before inviting to events that almost all past presidents would get invited to.

Trump being a piece of ■■■■ is why this is relevant. You can keep ignoring that all you want. But that is the reality.


Do presidents (former or current) have to actually be invited?


The people next to him and Malina are evil, no wonder they are not singing.


I can’t imagine it’s an actual law, or rule. The invitation is probably extended out of courtesy and is approved by the family.


Great. that’s what I replied to.

The rest is just your fabrication. No backtracking changes that.