"Evangelical" trump doesn't recite Apostles' Creed at GHWB funeral

Low energy trump at his best.
I’m just want to see the defenders of trump (DOTs) spin this

He is the Word made flesh to his worshippers…

Why would he speak the literal words he is made of?

He 8s much too humble for that…


Clearly the president doesn’t know how to read.

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Trump probably thought reciting the Apostles creed was low energy.

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Trump likes Apostles that aren’t dead.


It doesn’t really bother me.

You know what does?

The constant hypocrisy of so called “values voters”.

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He looks like he thinks everyone is talking directly to him - the creator of all things.

It has been mentioned…
Standard NSFW applies

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So I’m not the only one noticing this pattern. Good to know.

He’s not a sheep. He is not an episcopalian either

These aren’t your father’s “value” voters
Replace value with identity…

Skip to the 6:00 mark where it was speculated in 2015

OMG…Trump didn’t recite the Apostles Creed!!!
Yet one more reason to impeach!
Mueller needs to look into this.


It’s just polite.

What is Trump anyway? What denomination? And don’t give me that ■■■■■■■■ spiritual but not religious millennial answer.

Donald Trump is the first open atheist to be elected as president. I’m sure democrats figured they’d get this “first” as well as seemingly every other “first”, but Republicans have shown they really don’t care if the president is religious or not, as long as they have an (R) by their name.


He’s disrespectful.

This is not a joke, fat donald is an atheist.

You’re the only person talking about impeachment.

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Sometimes my posts are supposed to be taken seriously.

Who said anything about impeachment :man_shrugging:t3:
Weak defense though