"Evangelical" trump doesn't recite Apostles' Creed at GHWB funeral


As soon as Trump realized it wasn’t a KFC menu, he stopped reading


Fat donald is an atheist, always has been. This is the dirty little secret very few people know about.


Where did I say that Trump held anything sacred?

Your tourettes is acting up again.


That he doesn’t give 2 ■■■■■ and wishes he could tweet bomb…


Was this you?


It is hilarious that even now you cast your doubts on Obama’s faith and criticize him for it without any proof.

I also have my doubts that if Obama has not said the Apostles Creed with everyone that you would be praising him.


You’re tap dancing like a madman.


Maybe its a conspiracy.


Surely you can see the difference. If Trump comes out and says that he was not reciting the creed because he was protesting GHW Bush, then I will be right along with you in condemning him.


This isn’t a issue but Obama eating spicy mustard was major news story.


So as long as you don’t SAY why you’re not participating, it’s ok. You people are hilarious.


Another one for its a great sin and offense to opt out of saying the creed nonsense.


If you need to make up stuff about what someone said, you don’t really have a good point.


Oh, good. Then you are one of the few who realize what garbage this nit picking thread is.


That doesn’t make any sense.


agreed we should ask the real question does he wear tan suit or eat spicy mustard.


What is nit picking to claim Obama was a Muslim?


Trump shows no actions or personal character that aligns with being Christian.
Obama shows plenty of actions and personal character that aligns with being Christian.

Yet Trump’s faith is taken at face value and Obama’s is questioned, doubted, and attacked.

I wonder what the main difference between the two men is.


Hell I have recited the Apostles Creed,you are correct, its simple politeness.

I mean I am a Unitarian and i still said it aloud at my grandmothers funeral.

it is out of respect for the dead and their wishes.

if grandma wanted something done, it was done.

she was a hellva woman (her trinitarian beliefs aside)



Many American citizens still believe that lie to this day.