"Evangelical" trump doesn't recite Apostles' Creed at GHWB funeral


That’s pure absurdity.




That’s what I was gonna ask. Why would you make it he Word recite the Word?


Attend the funeral of a former president and choose not to participate, knowing the cameras will be on you. Sounds like a plan.


I don’t recite the pledge of allegiance.

I’m probably a heretic to Liberalanity.


This is one reason why I think he strikes the common man/woman as authentic. The others were going through the motions, and he’s like, nope it doing it…

Whether you agree with him or not, he’s not going to do something just because everyone else is.

(Or he’s faking it by not faking it. or something…IDK)


That they and quite a few members of this board have said so?


trump is so authentic. It’s against his religion to recite the Apostle’s Creed and, by golly, he’s not going to do it.


It occurs to me that maybe trump can’t read small print. I have yet to meet someone of his age who doesn’t need reading glasses. He’s probably too vain to wear them.


Neither did Jacky Robinson…
Kaperknick kneels during the anthem…

Trump is cool…he’s not a conformist…


Dude. You are quite hilarious.


Has anyone asked Mr. Trump? I’d like to hear his answer! :slight_smile:


Truth Defense. As long as you TDS-ers keep flinging your fabrications, you’re gonna hear the defense of the truth.


Ah…“he’s not a sheep”…meaning, of course, that those reciting the AP ARE sheep.


And the right is mad at Kapperknick for…:thinking:


I agree…there’s no way he can conceive anyone greater than himself…or rather Himself.


that you find such principles hilarious indicates that you have no understanding of what something held sacred really means.


You’re stating an opinion not truths…
And why are you guys mad at Kapperknick again…:thinking:


And why are you guys mad at Kapperknick again…:thinking:


What exactly is trump holding sacred by visibly not participating in the funeral service?