"Evangelical" trump doesn't recite Apostles' Creed at GHWB funeral


You’ve been entertainment please go on…
Keyan born muslimnite Obama received the Creed…which makes him respectful or…a Christian…
Just saying…:man_shrugging:t3:


Or a liar who will say anything for applause.


Trump look very bored in this photo.


Episcopal services are boring.


Maybe he was.


trump applauds himself and has been known to tell a few woppers…


So you must be one of his many sons… a chip off the ol’ block.


No class and disrespectful…
This has really been a great thread of TDS (trump defender syndrome)
Keep em’ coming boys :rofl::rofl::rofl:




Everybody was ignoring him… because some old guy is laying in a basket or something


I have no idea where you people got the idea that it is somehow disrespectful not to say the Apostles creed. It is simply a statement of belief if and when one wishes to state it. There is not requirement that you do this every time, and it certainly doesn’t show any disrespect to anyone if they decide not to recite it in a particular instance. Apparently Trump and Biden chose not to do so here. So what? This is even lamer than the thread on saying he would be happy to meet the Bush’s.


“None”. Simply that. Claiming affiliation with some denomination (if he ever actually did so) is just an assertion. We’ve all seen that he didn’t know what to do with the communion plate when it was passed to him, and his awkwardness in citing scripture. It’s clear to most any observer that such citations have been written for him.

As far as I’m concerned, anyway, he’s a “none”. And to that I say, “So what?”


That’s exactly what’s happening. And like a two-year old, he chose to be petulant. “I’m not reading your stupid prayers or singing your stupid songs. So, there.”


I would. I have my doubts that he believes any of it, and if that true, his recitation of a prayer that is done as a statement of unity for those participating makes a farce of everyone else’s participation.

A community praying together is not about the “optics” of the event. Prayer just for the sake of “optics” is sacrilegious to those for whom the prayer actually matters.


Your recitation of a Catholic statement of faith that you actually reject would be sacrilegious to those who take that faith seriously.


I heard a liberal pundit complain that at one point, Trump crossed his arms. This was supposedly an act of defiance and disdain for Bush. He couldn’t get any traction with it, even from his fellow lefties.
I think the “I’m looking forward to being with the Bushes at the memorial” takes the cake. It was a thread conceived in lunacy.


Too bad this concept doesn’t apply to people kneeling at football games.



If Trump had mouthed the words, there would have been some other offense the left would have zeroed in on. We all know it. The media were there to catch whatever outrage of the day they could concoct. TDS takes it from there.


Because the religious right claims he’s the chosen one to lead us to the promise land blah, blah, blah.
The hypocracy level is at an extreme high.
Also can you pinpoint Biden not reading the Creed? I’ve watched twice and don’t see it …


Everyone can see how much he wanted to show his respects.