"Evangelical" trump doesn't recite Apostles' Creed at GHWB funeral


I don’t think that the Trumpists realize that we are laughing at them.

After eight years of every single stupid thing being a proof of how unamerican Obama is… they sluff off so much worse behavior from Trump.

Just asking for one of two things. Consistency or admission that the constant stream of useless rhetoric around things like a tan suit or mustard were nothing more than political hackery and it was all meaningless.


Some “laughs” are stupider than others.


So… I will put you down for inconsistency.


So trump isn’t a Christian?

The ApostlesCreed is a statement of beliefs; it contains the main Christian teachings and is often recited in Church services, the first two words of the apostlescreed , “We believe”, this means that the people accepts what they are saying as the truth…



Many fundamentalists don’t recite it.
My church doesn’t accept it. It is not found in scripture. It is man made.

**Matthew 6:7 **

7 But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.


The Apostle’s Creed is used by Episcopalians, Methodists, Lutherans, Catholics both Roman and Orthodox, Congregationalists, Presbyterians and some Baptists, among others. So what denomination is Trump that he’s not saying it?


The President is Presbyterian.

Presbyterians say the Apostles Creed.


That Presbyterian didn’t. He has every right and reason not to.


Would you say the same thing if Obama was the only President there not saying the Apostles Creed?

In that case I would have no problem saying that it would have disrespectful and certainly poor optics.

I have my guesses as to what the CEC reaction would be.


What are you talking about?
One chooses a denomination that most closely represents his beliefs. But aside from churches that demand that one accept 100% of the dogma, church h members may reject certain portions of the official denomination’s dogma.


Why, because you don’t want to admit he’s about as Christian as me? And I’m a Taoist. Actually, scratch that, I was Catholic and I’d be polite enough to do it. So less Christian than me, the Taoist for the last quarter century.


I wouldn’t care if Obama said it or not. I didn’t complain when Hillary went to sleep at Reagan’s funeral. I’ve done that too at long winded ones.


So you’re argument here is that Trump has a doctrinal problem with the Apostle’s Creed? The guy who’s favorite Bible verse is the one you hear at like every wedding ever?


Polite. So your words mean nothing. They are just pleasantries to make people feel good.


Yes, I am a person who is generally polite and pleasant to other people. It’s a real character flaw.


I’m not going to follow you around as you present one nonsense post after another and then apply my answer to your last piece of nonsense to all future nonsense that you may post.


The Bible was man made


Oooh that’s a punt. Used to have more fight in you.


She’s low energy and not the POTUS.


You simply use local anesthetic on your dagger tips.