End Public Education Now: Time to defund the left


Until it happens enough that you close schools or don’t open new ones. Changes over time, not immediately.


Or are there a bunch of empty public schools with no teachers sitting around just waiting for the kids in private and homeschooling to give up and come back?


Property taxes…so we are back to people without children in school paying for the schooling of others. OK.


No…it doesn’t matter. We quote trump and others all the time and the trumpanzees just ignore or spin it.


Why should I, as a tax payer, contribute my tax dollars to your kids private school tuition?


The following states allow for corporal punishment. Do they have superior education?

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Wyoming.


Not all the money to educate a child in public school comes from property taxes. A large portion does, but not all.

In addition, if one would only get the amount they pay in property taxes for their school districts budget to use towards private school, it wouidnt even come close, in most cases, to cover one child’s yearly tuition.

People have no idea how much money it would cost them to send several children to private schools for 12 years compared to the measly amount they pay for their kids, regardless of how many they have, to go public school.

And to do it while also saving for retirement and college for their kids.


Number one difference between public schools and private/home schooling…is choice. Not the parents’ choice, but the schools’ choice as to whether to accept a student or not. Public schools have no choice. If you were to allow public schools the accept/reject option…what say you?


Ryan has been talking about his plans for SS and Medicare for years and has published it - numerous times.

But, since Republicans don’t read real newspapers or watch real news, they are clueless.

And, as far as I can tell, from posters on this board, they don’t believe it when one does cite, with actual statements, the facts of any matter.


Good things no one in private schools does drugs, has sex, or listens to rap music!!!


I still have the offer in my email account. One of those old emails I just never got around to deleting

I was recommended to somebody from a friend I knew during college who is now an Occupy/progressive activist. He’s made a small name for himself in the progressive media, appearing on MSNBC and having articles published by HuffPo. Been arrested a few times for singing and playing drums in state houses.


How asininely partisan of you.

Chicken, egg.

By the way, I’ve never been a member of a union, much less the teacher’s union. I’ve considered it, but never joined.

Stop with this enemies ■■■■■■■■. It’s so petty, and it’s the reason our political climate is in such peril right now. You appear to be proud of being part of the problem, and that’s part of the problem. Talk radio has fired you up, and it’s hard to undo that damage.

Then stop accepting right-wing politicians treating us like ■■■■ and working against us at nearly every possible turn. A good start would be electing a president who takes education seriously and puts someone in the top educational position of power who has actually been involved in education, apart from being a big $$ donor.

If a teacher is a member of a union, at least in my experience, it’s for two things:

  1. Legal representation should the need arise.
  2. Better benefits, pay, work conditions, etc.

No one on the right is certainly fighting for us, so someone has to. When we have GOP darlings like Scott Walker and Matt Bevin ■■■■■■■ with and fighting so hard to cut teacher pay/benefits, given how little we generally make compared to people with similar qualifications in other fields, it shouldn’t be a surprise to you why teacher unions don’t support those politicians with their money.


The same reason you do if they go to public school. Because an educated populace benefits even people without children.


I was pretty clear on what type of enemy, political enemy, or political opposition if you prefer.

And I have not supported his call to abolish public education and said so. Vouchers do not abolish public education.


Nope. My obligation as a tax payer is to support the public school system, not private schools. You want to send your kids to private school go ahead. There is nothing stopping you. Figure out your own way to pay for it. We did.


Your obligation is to pay your taxes and that won’t change if the tax code is changed to give vouchers to parents for education.


If taxes are going to provide for PUBLIC education…why will taxpayers get taxed twice for those wishing to make the CHOICE to not use public education and go to a private school?


What’s the matter, are you too poor to pay for your kids private school tuition on your own? Or are your kids to poor to pay for their kids private school tuitions on their own?

I’m sorry you or your kids can’t afford private schooling. Maybe you or they need better paying jobs, or a second job. Or learn to sacrifice on other things to pay for it.

Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and be a man, fgs.


What do you have against illiteracy. You demand illegal illiterates flood in now. So home grown illiterates are unacceptable?

Laws can be passed requiring participation in online schooling. There are ways that can be cheaply monitored.

Fact is, the left will fight this tooth and nail because they indoctrinate our children. And it takes years for reality to deprogram them.

That’s a home court advantage they will never give up.


Do parents with children in private schools really want a huge influx of “public school kids”? Seriously, think about it for a minute.