End Public Education Now: Time to defund the left

Private schools outnumbers public ones even till the close of the 19th century.

With modern tech, the entire concept of transporting kids to a common location (carbon footprint the size of King Kong), in unsafe conditions, learning progressive leftist on public dime.

Is so yesterday.

Private enterprise, churches, deranged Democrats, all should develop their own education programs and these would be via the Internet, available to anyone who want them.

That would end my tax dollars going to indoctrinate lefitst progressive lunacy in children that will require years of reality to disabuse them of.

And billions of tax dollars will be saved.

And the need for more workers during this low unemployment Trump era, can be met.

There’s always Tent Cities for the teachers that can’t function in the real world.

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Who needs standards anyway…

Progressives have destroyed education, totally failed minorities in inner cities.

School just a place to sell drugs, rape girls or shoot each other.

Time to end the farce.

Besides, they took Christianity out of schools. That should have ended any requirement I be taxed to pay for it.

With our new Supreme Court, I’m sure a Christian just might bring that case to the Supreme Court.

LIke paying a union when the use you money to support deranged leftist agenda. Its unconstitutional.

It is bold. Its also common sense. Everyone should be happy.

Especially those who are tired of schools indoctrinating OUR kids in sex, abortion, transgenderism etc ad nauseam

And not teaching them how to think critically, or get a job.

Its a totally useless leftist education they get, even if they can barely read. They are still indoctrinated in it.

Time to end the abuse of our kids.

And as for deranged Democrats, you can have your “Maxine Water” courses online, as much as you want.

Good luck with that, it’ll never happen. One big reason is school athletics.

This is a good topic to logically dicuss, but you immediately ■■■■ everything up with your insults and demeaning of “libs”

Private Enterprise will create leagues for the kids. Might even make money doing it.

This is the perfect solution. You want kids learn atheism, evolution, transgenderism, climate hysteria…

Pick the online school that provides all that.

There could be tax credits for all.

Then Christians will pick online courses the like.

Progressives courses they like

Muslims courses they like.

Everyone will be happy.

Good point. I’ll tone that down.

public schools started to outnumber public schools, what happened to the US literacy rate as a result?
public schools started to outnumber public schools, what happened to the US world standing?
public schools started to outnumber public schools, what happened to the US productivity rate?

Don’t like the public schools then send your kids to private school. Nothing to stop you from doing that.

There. Easy. Done.

Thank you.

So you want out school system to resemble Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia’s school systems?

I’m sure you meant “private” appear somewhere in that diatribe.

Everything will improve. The inner city fail of public education is a disgrace. Half the kids are functionally illiterate in many places.

They come out of school filled with leftist ideas, and no clue how to get a job and keep one.

Its irrelevant education. Doesn’t train them for life in a free market society.

Its time to defund progressive education. Its not only an epic fail, it should be unconstitutional I a Christian have to pay for my religion to be dissed by public educators.

Christian kids taught our religion is a myth.

Do that to your own kids on your own dime.

Then let the online schools compete equally. And the education we give our kids will be FAR BETTER than what progressives have done. They dumb the kids down. Teach them not to compete.

Pardon me for pointing out the obvious, but your suggestion had no methods by which the poor should receive an education and thereby better themselves. Without this bare basic minimum, how would a poor child be able to better themselves and escape the cycle of poverty?

No. It wouldn’t. I would resemble High Tech Silicone Valley.

It would be first class.

Competition does that, superior products become popular, bad go out of business.

Those “theocracies” you mention, are as different from America as Hitler was. But of course, as you are a product of public education, you never learned how to think critically, compare apples with apples.

yes inner school are a disgrace but removing any access to public school would make the situation 100x worse. parents can not even afford school lunches, what makes you think they would be able to afford any private school at any price?
christian kids tough that Christianity is a myth does not happen. blame the parents who are doing crappy job or actually blame the churches who are embroiled in scandals after scandals years after years.

How are very poor families going to afford these expensive gadgets? How are they going to afford expensive tuitions?

They gather to do drugs, have sex and rap. Not learn. its time to end the farce.

Also, they wouldn’t be targets for shooters.

Even the poor have TV’s, computers, internet. Government could easily give tax credits or outright grants to make sure everyone has what is needed. Included the $$$ to buy first class online courses.

It will still save $$$ Billions $$$ in wasted public school costs.

And think of saving the planet. Very tiny carbon footprint not transporting all those kids miles to a school. And all the other stuff needed at that location, save fossil fuels galore.

wow…for a second i thought you wanted to have a good faith debate.

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