End Public Education Now: Time to defund the left


ignorant populace, blah blah blah. Or does that only work for public schools?


Yeah. Try living next to a school sometime. As a property tax payer with no kids, I love paying taxes so the publicly “educated” can return the favor by damaging my property. :roll_eyes:


“What do you have against illiteracy”…spoken like a well-groomed trumpanzee.


Was your home there before the school? Did you live there before the school was built? Did you know there was a school there when you bought? Or that it was city land slated for a school before you bought?


Children should physically go to school to be socialized. Online school would be detrimental to their development.
You have been indoctrinated into thinking public schools are indoctrinated children into liberals.


Except you don’t actually think that’s true.


Lol. Weak stuff


Because obviously kids can’t socialize outside of school, where talking to your peers is not allowed except for lunch and between classes.


The parents who are worried about that, aren’t sending their kids to affordable private schools a voucher would pay for.


I don’t know where you went to school but I was able to talk to my friends during class.


It’s a ridiculous argument, there are thousands of opportunities to socialize with peers outside the public school classroom, where doing so interferes with others getting an education. Did you talk to your friends outside of school? I talked to mine far more outside it than in it.


I’m sure your teachers must have just loved that. :roll_eyes:


He was one of the reasons I abhorred my time in public school, teachers spent all their time dealing with disciplinary problems and trying to get those who weren’t paying attention up to speed, it was excruciatingly boring.


Umm, pretty much all the private schools in my experience besides Catholic schools have been almost exclusively white.


Sorry but talking wasn’t a problem.


You gave yourself away with your pathetic whine about wanting the money a district pays to educate students to go to you.

Parents with kids in private school don’t snivel about needing the government to help them afford it

All private schools give scholarships to students whose parents cannot afford tuition. Of course, that means the student has to be able to pass the entrance exams.

So tell your children or grandchild to work extremely hard in school where they are now, and they may be able to pass an entrance exam attend private school.


So? Gonna answer?


I’m not sure what sort of draconian school you went to, but when I went to school we often had activities and assignments that involved working in groups and talking to each other and while my daughter is only in second grade based on her class this seems to continue to be the case. There are also after school activities, sports, and various clubs and what not that children interact with each other at.
In additional a vast majority of the play dates my daughter has as well as the friends I had growing up were with people met in school.


As a citizen who’s tax monies go towards public education, I’m able to have an influence on the schools via voting and the school board. If my taxes go towards vouchers, will I get a say in what the private schools are teaching and/or how they operate?


Do you watch the US version of Shameless? They had a amusing bit in the last season where their one black student at a private school kept being pulled out of class to go and play and be seen when prospective student parent’s were touring the school so that the school looked more diverse.