End Public Education Now: Time to defund the left


Sure, just make sure you still pay for a public education whether you use it or not. No thanks. I’d prefer a voucher system and allow parents to decide where to spend it.


Give them the money that would have been spent on a public school for their kid.


Let them eat cake.–BAC



And what if there is no private school willing to take them?


…and where will that money come from?


No, my reaction is one of wondering how desperate, ignorant, and young you are. Or that you are paid well for your services.


I honestly think that the majority of Republicans want public schooling in one form or another.

Its the fringe right who truly believe that public schools “indoctrinate”. I believe that its an excuse started by CEC to explain why usually younger voters tend to vote Democrat in elections.


If he were paid for his posts, he would’ve made more convincing that the nonsense he created in his OP.


More convincing arguments*


Not necessarily. I was once offered a “job” that would have required me to call into right-wing radio shows and basically just act like a horse’s ass (and I declined). I don’t think trolling internet forums for rubles is much different.


They can go to public school. I already said I didn’t agree with BAC that public schools should be abolished.


The same place the money to pay for their public education comes from.


As a teacher, it’s really disappointing to see an entire faction of America work so hard against what we do. We’re the root of all educational problems because Todd Starnes, Fox, etc. tell them how we’re a bunch of lazy union mooches who can’t get fired, barely work at all and deserve our low pay, and that the sole job of every teacher in America is to indoctrinate the children.

We were made public enemies a long time ago.


Sure you were. I believe you.


Dang! I can only click “Like” once on your post.


By far, the costs associated with educating an individual student are fixed and semi-variable. Costs don’t decline proportionately if a student leaves a public school.


I truly wish us Democrats would be a bit smarter about how our messaging comes out.

For example, its easy to say that Republicans want to repeal Medicare without backing any of it up with actual quotes from candidates. Its easy for Republicans to retort “Look, Democrats with their scare tactics.” Its more difficult for Republicans to respond when actual quotes are used to support those claims.


If teachers don’t wish to be enemies of a political party, they should probably stop funding their opposition, otherwise it kind of goes with the territory. If you want to put up the funds to support my political enemies, you are my political enemy. That said, I don’t consider every teacher my enemy or think every public school is bad. I think some are and I think Americans deserve a choice as to where to educate their children without being forced to pay for it twice if they choose a private venue to do so.


No, they aren’t fixed, they may not change immediately but they would over time.


If a school building has 100 students and one leaves, the costs don’t go down but the revenue does. I know you will argue this until you’re blue in the face because you’ve dug your heels in. Carry on.