Electric Cars are coming- no need to drill in Alaska

As I have pointed out several times, practical and safe hydrogen powered ICE have been doable for decades but the federal outlaws the buying and selling of the storage material.

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That’s what I’m suggesting.
Buying and selling hydrogen for ICEs = bad (outlaw it)
Buying and selling hydrogen for fuel cells = good (probably gonna subsidize it)

What’s the difference?
Fuel cells are sexy expensive technology requiring platinum
(and something called ruthenium.)

Not to sound cynical: but could companies still small enough for congresscritters to control the stock of as they pick and choose winners and losers via the unconstitutional subsidies they hand out have something to do with it?

What is that storage material?

Lithium-6 deuteride

Maybe they should sell it at Walmart, what could go wrong.

Getting this thing back on track again…

Problems with home charging? Say it ain’t so!

Seems the rising cost of electricity is a major problem the Biden bots didn’t think about.

Well, since most people aren’t Oliver Wendell Jones and don’t have access to radioactive materials outside of the hands on old glow in the dark watches and clocks, not much.

Even cans of WD40 have more explosive hazard in their own right.

Forget the electric cars. How do you plan on getting all of the other products that are made from oil? Milk jugs. Polyester thread. AOC’s makeup containers. On and on and on and on.

Well, when the population is reduced to 5 hundred million they probably plan on the peasants being so traumatized that eco-friendly grass huts will seem like luxury to them.


Milk jugs aren’t made from oil, silly goose. They’re made of plast…

Well, we could put the milk in the bags like Canadians do. You know, plast…

We’ll need the bag holders. They’re made of plas…

Never mind.


So you want to put actual fissile material in car batteries? I don’t get that.

It’s safe to use and will not blow up.

But I suppose you would also not want the public to have anything else that also goes into missiles … like integrated circuits.



You suppose wrong with your condescending BS. Fissile material is in a class by itself. I’m not concerned it might go bang. The concern is with people harvesting it to build a weapon.

Swing and a miss. The lithium is NOT fissionable material. It is used to safely long term store hydrogen which is. They are not called lithium bombs after all.

Hydrogen bombs use special explosives to get the hydrogen to go boom. Not even Tesla batteries have that on hand.

As for building a weapon … they need nukes first.

Are you Olliver Wendell Jones?

You don’t need oil to make plastic. Most plastic is made from gases separated from natural gas liquids. Some plastic is even made from plant sourced methane.

There is a small problem with that.

To get enough fissible material to make a bomb, you would have to be willing to expose yourself to enough radiation to kill yourself.

Either that, or you would have to spend boatloads of money on shielding to keep the radiation away from you, and even more money to make machines to process the material safely away from you.

Not that I’m for this, just saying…

Lithium-6 deuteride ( 6Li2H or 6 LiD) is the primary fusion fuel in thermonuclear weapons.