Electric Cars are coming- no need to drill in Alaska

Fossil fuel is going to be obsolete sooner rather than later.


Will the wind turbines charge their batteries? :thinking:


Would GM and Ford make this commitment without a plan?

Sooooo, yes/no? :thinking:

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Glad that Alaska drilling won’t be needed. Or approved.

“Before government forces it”

Yes, they see the writing on the wall.

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Why do you righties love fossil fuels?

No need for windmills, just plug them into the magic electron spewing outlet in your home.


I would like to think this is true but oil is going to be with us a long time, the two biggest populations are rising more and more out of poverty China and India they are not all going to be driving electric cars, which themselves are all made of oil and the energy to make them is oil. Oil is used in everything from tooth brushes to the tires, interiors, exteriors and energy it take to make those cars.

I have and electric car btw but try to be realistic. There will be way more demand for oil if the pandemic ever goes away.

Electric ford 150. Who could imagine?

Year 2120:

“All these dead batteries and non biodegradable windmills are going to destroy the planet”


I wish they would have made the mustang look like the mustang not sure why they had to change the style.

“We don’t need fossil fuels, we have electric cars!”



I bet that GM and Ford have it figured out- no more ICE . Awesome.

Two years later:

“What’s up with all these rolling brown outs”


Biden won’t give access for drilling in Tongass. Excellent.

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It really is nice to see the left come full circle in praising big corporations while placing absolute trust in them. :wink:


No drilling in ANWR.


Didn’t gm try this some time ago?