I’m sure most have heard of “culture war”. Ever hear of Antonio Gramsci?

Here’s a very simple overview.

What had happened was, they couldn’t figure out why the predicted uprisings weren’t occurring in the west (England was especially puzzling) when they seemed so ripe.

Tony Gramsci, observing the Bolsheviks, came to the conclusion (correctly IMO) that it was because of culture - and hegemony.

The revolution had to be split into two phases.

  1. Attack and change the culture (prep the battlespace).
  2. Lead the proletariat to Utopia (Vanguard)

How do you attack the culture? You attack them by infecting the generators of culture (virus).

What are they?

  1. Religion
  2. Family
  3. Media
  4. Education system
  5. Legal system

There are others and these are in no particular order.

In addition, those who present an obstacle to this culture war must be unpersoned, marginalized, canceled and in extreme cases - eradicated.

Mao did this war on culture. Stalin understood it very well (Gramsci was a fan, though didn’t advocate the extremes they went to).

This strategy has been successful for feminists, LGBTQ, BIPOC and is playing out now before our very eyes. And Gramsci was a grandfather of it.

Yes, there is a culture war going on and has been for decades. And liberalism is losing.

Fascinating guy.

This is why we see the things we are seeing here.


It’s not an accident.

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BLM roots.

Coulda just said “cultural Marxism.”

“Marxism” is an oversimplification. And a dog whistle.

Gramsci is just a code word for it. I was like, holy ■■■■■ what an obscure Marxist ideologue dingbat to be talking about in 2021 so I Googled his name and pretty much every result had cultural Marxism in the title.

Bottom up, top down.

The path of least resistance to transform a society.

Just the kind of sophomoric drivel I was hoping to avoid.

He was most definitely not a “dingbat”.

It’s ok that you don’t know anything at all about this. Have a nice evening.


I know exactly who Gramsci is. He’s the reason modern lefties use the term praxis and a boogeyman for the right who call him “the father of cultural Marxism.” His main contribution is that while he was a fanatical ideologue, he broke with Marxist economic determinism while still basing everything on the whole “iron laws of history” thing.

Yeah, the bourgeoisie heavily influence the culture and thus what “common sense” values are. Don’t need a Marxist to tell me that. This all has strong Jason Kessler vibes to it. Or Steve Bannon for that matter

I find it fascinating how much influence Gramsci has had.

From Frankfort Institute of Social Research, to John Dewy’s Laboratory Schools.

Unfortunately, I think Gramsci would be proud of our education system today.


Have a nice evening.


And the media.

The Southern Baptist Convention has been infected. The Catholic church obviously.


Yeah it’s fun to take my words out of context to make a fake point. I Googled him to see what had brought this thread on and shockingly almost everything about him was from right wingers talking about cultural Marxism.

I suppose it’s a downside to just reading books, I often don’t know why things pop up in the zeitgeist.

P2 would like a word.

Kimberlé Crenshaw and her mentor, whose name I can’t remember, injected it into the legal system. All the way to SCOTUS.

You start with the education system. The culture war requires “working class intellectuals”. The proletariat has to be taught the right way to think.

College is a requirement for a “good” job.

Then you go after the other generators of culture: the nuclear family. Link. Anybody believe they changed their minds just because they took it off the webpage?
Family is supposed to be where one turns when everyone else is against one. Without the family, the state is all that’s left.

The media - anything really need to be said?


So, a reversal of the machinations of biopolitics and biopower of the previous two centuries is what we have to worry about. Interesting, given that organization of populations (hence morality through legislation), for the benefit of the state and its decentralized, collaborator power structures is now collapsing there is an issue.
My issue with your premise is that it assumes a natural history of these qualities where none existed, or did so in no wide, organized fashion.

Definitely obscure. The subject of small seminar circles and grad school papers.

Edit: Also conservative conspiracy theories

Ah, but the natural history did indeed exist. No society ever organized itself in accordance with these principles. It has to be organized. By force.

But that doesn’t really matter now, does it?

What matters is what is happening now. Here.

It’s not a conspiracy. It’s a strategy. All one has to do is listen.


“Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity. … In the new order, Socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches and the media by transforming the consciousness of society.”

Gramsci had influenced my beliefs couple decades ago…hell now it’s been about 3 decades now.

It’s where I advanced on his thoughts on destruction of traditions, Culture and heritage in rush attempt of social homogenization. You probably heard me talk about this before but might not have picked it up.

As for English language. I see those that most efficient with English language to be most indoctrinated precisely in their rush to perfection they ignore the truth.

That’s why you see most education libs here wouldn’t know what truth is even it it hits em on their asses.

They been social homogenized and not know it. :wink:

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