Economy adds 145K jobs - Good News!?!?

An eleven year expansion continues. Job growth continues to outpace population growth. Excellent news

Oh and of course no more fake DOL statistics or participation rate issues. Woo hoo. I can’t wait for those to come back in 2021 or 2025

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Canada added 35K, but still future is looking pretty bad for us.

Continuing the longest expansion in history. That’s definitely a good thing.

Less than anticipated, and they also just adjusted down the previous couple months…

Eleven year expansion? Didn’t we pretty much stall for the 8 “lost years” of Obama.

If you look at the statistics, the expansion began under Obama and has continued under Trump.

If you ignore the data and listen to conservative talking points then we had eight lost years under Obama.

It comes down to whether you prefer facts and data or prefer ideology and spin.

Each of us has to make that choice.


Did we? are you sure?


Not by any metric, graph, math, or statistic that exists in the real world, no.


Obama came into office in 2009.

The US economy has added jobs in each and every month without fail since October 2010.
This can’t be the first time you have heard this.

Hardly a stall for 8 years. We started adding jobs not long after Obama came into office, and the continuous streak of jobs gains that continues today began less than two years into Obama’s first term. This feat is remarkable considering that in late 2008 and early 2009 we were losing jobs at a rate of 700,000+ per month.


Nope. That’s just what people believe who only watch Fox and listen to right wing radio.


America, hell yeah!


Yay jobs! High five, neighbor.


No, not at all. Look at the data.

You’re welcome.


Those numbers were all fake until 1/21/2017


The report is fine, but that three cent wage increase is bad. We’re only at 2.9% year on year wage growth and at 3.5% unemployment it should be higher.

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To be precise, the labor participation rate wasn’t faked and became the most important metric until 1/21/2017 whereupon it was promptly forgotten and never uttered again by conservatives.

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Discussion about debt and being a fiscal conservative went out the window as well.

I certainly am glad to hear that things are going well.