Things Are Going Really Good

Sure there isn’t. The Fed has always propped up the stock market with low interest rates during a booming economy. If we were really in a recession, we’d be looking at negative interest rates, or so I’ve been told.

No? Strange. When was the last time you posted something positive about the economy? Or even the country? Been about 3 years, hasn’t it?

Iowa farmers seem to like him.

Open your eyes. I’ve posted praise for the numbers consistently as I did during Obama’s presidency. Because I realize it’s a continuation of the same trend.

What I’ve mocked are the sycophants who think: worst recovery ever + MAGA = best economy ever


This is true sneaky.




Ouch…that’s going to leave an embarrassing mark.

Consistent negativity. No praise. It’s ok, I know you can’t do it.

Have a nice day.

Great contribution. Intellectual and interesting. Well done.

Where’s the praise? “No better than Obama?”

No? Strange.

Nice and steady as she goes.

Continuing the longest expansion in history. That’s definitely a good thing.

And yet, many of the core metrics were basically the same (and some better and some worse). We’re in the same expansion now as we were then.

Pretty good growth so far.

The trend over that entire period is pretty uniform.

I’ll take a steady, long-expanding economy any day of the week. I like stability.


Aside from the predictable fits that boiled over, this thread is a welcome read every few days of the week that I log in.

Not to say that libs throwing a fit isn’t a clear indicator of good fortunes, but it’s just not as exciting as how well the country is doing (still).

Oh, and anecdotally, E-85 is at $1.89 a gallon for the 4th straight week in a row. The Mid-Easy grows less and less relevant each passing month. :sunglasses:

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Don’t see the name Trump in there anywhere. Say it. SAY IT!

Not a cult.


Here’s what you said:

If you can’t remember the criteria you used a day ago, I hardly expect you’d be able to remember things from over three years ago.

The topic was about the economy, not the President. But even then, if you wouldn’t have been lazy and actually read through my example posts, you would have found where I mentioned I gave Trump the equivalent praise as Obama:

I’m not “bragging” on Obama. I’m giving him a golf clap, just like I’m giving Trump a golf clap. I’ll take a steady, long-expanding economy any day of the week. I like stability.

But go on being the most critical not-a-cult-member of Trump.




Not-a-Cult Members of Trump wouldn’t understand.

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Your clever little name you’re trying to get to stick is unwieldy, awkward.

Has Trump done anything good and can you say “President Trump has done xyz well”?

Trump signing the criminal justice reform bill was good.
Trump signing Federal Parental Leave was good.

I’ve said both of those things multiple times on this board.