Economy adds 145K jobs - Good News!?!?

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Remember the daily mantra of “95 million unemployed!!!”? That seemed to vanish from the airwaves on November 9, 2016.


Congrats to Trump on another month of expansion.

I have a job!

I had a job.

But I have job too!

Past that, what @Roxiebelle revealed was amazing. The responses were on point and factual. We all get something here. This thread delivered.

You don’t have the baby chain gains in your neighborhood yet? They do great work pulling weeds as long as you keep that Binky on the stick in front of their faces.

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They’re taking our jerrrrrbs!

Just kidding ladies…err, I mean, boss.

Baby chain gangs. You owe me a new glass of wine

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Wage growth is a lagging indicator. Be patient.

It’s been lagging for years even before Trump. It’s a real problem.

Want more? Do more.

I thought they had already did this during the great recession when there was a loss in construction type work. Nurses and medical personal never really lost their positions.

Not sure what to do with that insight. In the past at full employment wages have risen way faster. That hasn’t happened under Obama and Trump. This is a serious problem. It means middle class and lower class buying power and standard of living isn’t increasing like it should under these circumstances. That’s a major problem.

2019 had the slowest job growth in 8 years

When was the last time we were at full employment?

Depends upon the definition. But under 5 percent is a decent number. Some have it at 4 percent, some 4.7.

If you go with under 5 percent we hit that January 2016. Before that the last time was February 2008.

When was wage growth higher because of low unemployment?

You sure about that?

Positive. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Ok. …