Dr. Joyce Lee Malcolm on the 2nd

This is a short video of Dr. Joyce Lee Malcolm, an expert on the Constitution from George Mason University.

She lays it out pretty well I think.

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Interesting video.

They won’t watch it.

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Not one taker?

I’ve seen several interviews with her this year. Bright lady and she certainly understands both the history and the practice and practicality of the right.

I started To Keep and Bear Arms: The Origins of an Anglo-American Right last night.

Hoplophobes; this is your trigger warning.

That video pushes the nonsense that the UN Arms Trade Treaty affects the 2nd Amendment.

Seems like nothing more than an NRA scare piece.

Why should I take it seriously?

:rofl: you shouldn’t.

You presented it and it contains verifiably false information.

Seems like a shaky foundation to build an argument.

No it does not contain verifiably false information.

Yes it does.

The UN Arms Trade Treaty has no bearing on 2nd Amendment rights.

Why do they say it does?

Records “sharing” has an impact on the 2nd Amendment.

It does not impact anyone’s right to own an arm.

Glad we could agree it impacts the 2nd. I think you need to listen to her again. More closely.

Listened to it a couple of times.

It is an NRA scare piece.

If you want to make an argument about the 2nd Amendment, then don’t make one based on false propaganda.

Ok, if you say so.

Why do you hate expertise and truth?

Appeals to authority does not change what the treaty does.

She actually is the authority in this case. Therefore there is no fallacy.

What do you think the treaty actually does?

It is not what it does that is the argument… it is what it doesn’t do that is at hand.

What it doesn’t do is effect the 2nd Amendment at all.