Green Mountain Boys Rolling in Their Graves

Among both cheers and jeers, Gov. Phil Scott approved a series of new gun restrictions Wednesday in a public bill signing.

Ethan Allen would not be pleased.

“I support the Second Amendment, but I had to ask myself, ‘are we truly doing everything we can to make our kids and communities safer?’” Scott said. “Because if we’re at a point where our kids are afraid to go to school, and parents are afraid to put them on a bus; or police don’t have the tools they need to protect victims of violence; or families can’t step in to prevent a loved one from taking their own life; then who are we?”

Seems to be a mantra, “I support the 2nd Amendment, but…”

It’s a lie.

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No it’s not. Look at the Waffle House shooting and what happened there. People – both citizens and politicians – are finally realizing that guns can’t be allowed to be used untethered. And I like what I saw recently that pointed out that the Second Amendment was strictly for the establishment of a “militia.”

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No, it really wasn’t. That’s another lie. But I do believe you like it.

Interesting that the banks are getting involved as well now. A tidal change I think.

It’s not the first time.

Good link. The “conundrum” was created by the banks and pols. If you want to be private sector, fine. No more bail outs.

The Waffle House shooting was another example of police pretty much letting white boys get away with criminal threats with weapons, which eventually leads to something very bad.

The Waffle House shooter had his guns confiscated from him, but his dad either gave them back to the shooter, or didn’t secure them well enough. In addition, he was a stalker, and he had a police record for threatening people with an AR-15. I guess I just don’t understand, but IMHO, if someone is threatening people WITH A GUN, they should be arrested and prosecuted. At least in FL, that’s a felony charge.

“White boys”?

ERPOs make their apparence again. This seems to be the popular solution to the problem of known unstable nutjobs.

The magazine restriction is meh and unnecessary

Meanwhile how many dead and injured in Toronto?

I can see the next fad. Armor self made vehicles with re-enforced steel plate and solid fill tires and sup up motors.

So you knew the Founding Fathers and what their intentions really were?

They told us.

Guns can’t be used “untethered” now anywhere in the US. There’s nothing more tightly regulated than the use of firearms except explosive ordnance.

Yes we do since they wrote them down to preserve them for posterity.

Show how race played any part in how police dealt with him.

You think he means “unfettered”?

and the same holds true either way.