Dr. Joyce Lee Malcolm on the 2nd

Yes is does. Go ahead and explain it to everyone.

Explain to me how the reporting of Exports effects the rights of U.S. citizens right to keep and bear arms.

As far as the record keeping of imported weaponsā€¦ the treaty does not say that the participating State ā€œShallā€ keep records, that they are ā€œEncouragedā€ to keep records ā€œas appropriateā€


The preamble of the treaty affirms each Soveriegnā€™s right to ā€œcontrol conventional arms exclusively within its territory, pursuant to its own legal or constitutional systemā€


It doesnā€™t effect the 2nd amendment in the least bit.

Of course it does. Read the rest of it ā€œincluding civilian populationsā€. Also ā€œcould simply call them hunting armsā€.

It requires a registry. What do we think about registries?

Who decides ā€œas appropriateā€?

What status does a treaty have on our government?

What is the track record of the UN?

You are not smarter on this topic than Dr. Malcolm. You are in no way in that league.

It requires a registry for exportā€¦ encourages a registry for import.

Those are two very different standards.

Exporting arms out of the U.S. does not effect the rights of those living within it.

Each Sovereign decides ā€œas appropriateā€

It is right there in plain English.

I doubt that I am smarter than Dr. Malcolmā€¦ but instead of a simple appeal to authorityā€¦ look at what the text says.

Yes it does, but please go on.

No it doesnā€™t.

Keeping a record of any productā€¦ no matter what it may beā€¦ crossing international boundries in no way impacts the right to bear arms.

You are stretching really far.

Say Smith and Wesson export a 1000 guns to Brazil.

How does the record of the export of those 1000 guns impact the 2nd Amendment?

You didnā€™t read it.

Yes I did.

You are buying into fear mongeringā€¦ for some reason.

No you didnā€™t. It includes imports.

So what is the purpose of this treaty if it doesnā€™t do anything?

Dudeā€¦ Exports is ā€œShallā€ Imports is ā€œEncourageā€

There is a huge difference between those two standards. It is right there in plain English in Article 12.

Now if you are pointing to Article 8 on the records for importingā€¦ that is in reference to requests from exporting countries to complete and export assessment as spelled out in Article 7 to be in compliance with prohibitions set forth in Article 6.

None of those things effect the 2nd Amendment in any way.

The purpose of the treaty is to make it seem like Western Countries are doing something about stemming the flow of weapons into areas where there are humanitarian crises going on without actually doing anything about it.

Your normal run of the mill UN stuff basically.

Thereā€™s little desire in western Europe to change itā€™s gun laws to make it into another Somalia, Afghanistan, or worseā€¦America.

That is the real question. What was the problem that it supposedly resolves?

What do you mean by that? Are you saying that life is better in Somalia and Afghanistan?

No, just the slaughter.

Okay. So now are you saying that more innocent people are being killed in America than in Somalia and Afghanistan?

Where do you come up with this crap?

What Iā€™m saying W. Europe sees it as that choice when it comes to guns.