Dozens killed in Israel


I can tell that you either disagree or don’t care.

'nuff said


one less as of yesterday


About that area, I honestly am indifferent. I wish we’d spend more energy focusing on the US and its problems.

We have larger problems in the US that should be a priority.


“first they came… …”


You mean the dedication plaque? That’s not surprising.


I want to say it was the only one. The Hague is a good example. It’s not the capital of the Netherlands but it’s the seat of government and therefore where the embassy resides. Thus, the logical argument is to have the embassy in Jerusalem.


Prove they were.

The Fox article I cited stated that only 3 of the 58 or so killed were known to be engaging in terrorism when they were killed.

The onus isn’t on me to prove something you SUSPECT they were doing. If you believe all 1500+ people who were shot or killed were engaged in violence/terrorism, I’d love to see the supporting evidence.


Shoot first. Ask questions later.


All one has to do is read your and Guv’s responses in this thread. They speak to exactly what I stated.


You made the claim, I asked you to support it.


I cited an article from a very pro-Israel source that was only affirmatively able to state that 3 of those who were killed were confirmed to have been engaging in terrorist activity. That’s what I claimed. If you have another source that can show that more than the 3 who were killed, please provide a source!


You made this statement did you not?

Are you now denying the bombs, the firebombs, the flaming kites and the attempt to breach the fence?


What’s with your intentional obfuscation? Why do you literally do this in EVERY single discussion ever?

I literally, just earlier, acknowledged those things happening. I’m asking you to provide evidence that the 58 who were killed were all involved in that. Fox was only able to confirm 3 of the 58 killed were engaged in such activity.

If you have proof that all that were killed, including the kids who were killed, were actively involved in terroristic activities when they were shot OFFER UP THAT EVIDENCE.


Nah-they were clearly all terrorists. The IDF only shoots terrorists-they would never dream of shooting someone who wasn’t doing bad things. Just ask WildRose.


You’re demanding I do something we both know is impossible.

You’re the one asserting they were just killed for protesting.


Yes, we both know you’re unable to back up your claim, and in the absence of facts, will make up your own.

I’m not demanding anything-I simply expect people to back their claims with sources and facts. I asked the same of Guv, and he throws a little hissy. I ask it of you, and at least you have the integrity to admit you can’t back your claim, so you deserve at least some credit for that.

There were certainly some who were shot for engaging in terrorist activity. I don’t deny that. Absence any evidence that many, or most, or all who were shot were actively engaged in such activity, I will not assume that every single death or injury was justified. You’re OK with doing that-and it’s expected.

Please pardon me for applying scrutiny and a bare minimum standard of evidence before rushing to judgement. I’ll leave that to you, I suppose.


I’m not making anything up.

You made the assertion and I challenged it.


And no where did I assert that every death was justified. Quit attributing things to me I never said.



Asking for verification of a statement = apron tugging.


Palestinians have a track record of putting their own people, especially children, in places and situations where they will be killed. It’s proven. No links required.

They justify it by calling the victims martyrs. It’s their culture. They relish reports of ever higher numbers of fatalities on their side. They then use these numbers to get libs to side with them … in political forums around the world. If libs did not fall for this same old trick, maybe the Palestinians would not sacrifice their children in such large numbers. But for now, the Palestinians know that they can pay progressive liberals for supporting them. And the currency they use is dead bodies. More dead women and children, more support from progressive liberals.