Dozens killed in Israel


How appalling! The audacity of a person to ask someone to not only provide the source for a claim they made, but to explain how their comment is relevant to a discussion. What is this world coming to, where discussions include proof, relevant details, and context!

Wow. So this is what Trumpism has devolved to. No interest in intellectual honesty or actual discussion. Just “nuh uh, ur stoopid” followed by a bunch more keyboard smashing and drooling.


At least give them one when they ask, if they reject or mock it, that’s on them.


The Fox article mentioned that 3 of the 50+ who were killed were shot because they were trying to set a bomb/toss it over. There were protests in 12 different areas along the fence. So what about the 55+ others who were killed, and the 1000+ others who were injured? All terrorists?


Completely agreed. Literally the event that set this whole thing off was another poster asking for a source, to which Guv’s reply was “Google it.” There was no ulterior motive other than trying to forward the discussion with facts and information instead of having to go on a snipe hunt for his source and having to guess at which one he read.


Well I know enough about the IDF to know they don’t randomly mow down innocents but not being there and not seeing all of the footage I can’t say.

Odds are, some of them were probably human shields that got caught up in the fighting.

You made no mention of the other IED’s and flaming bombs delivered by Kites, did Google forget to tell you about them?


Did they mention that HAMAs was encouraging them to rush the fence telling them the IDF were cowards and would run?


Whelp this is the kind of sociopathic leadership cons were frothing over like the second coming of christ, no wonder they went with Trump.


Great post.


Keeping a promise made and broken by the last three presidents = sociopathic leadership? Who knew?


I didn’t go on a Google snipe hunt looking for information to back up someone else’s assertion, so the answer is no.

But that’s not the point. The point is that 55+ people, and a thousand+ others were killed, and even Fox has only confirmed that at least 3 were armed terrorists.

Again, I didn’t sit on Google and read, top to bottom, every single article about this situation. I perused a few, including the Fox article.

This is why I asked for a source from Guv-I don’t have an aversion to new information, and the entire point of a discussion forum is to share ideas and information. Instead of having his little hissy, Guv could have just shard his source.

You could have done the same just now regarding kties and IEDS, etc. I’m not doubting the information-hell, I’m asking for more information, but surely you’ve seen the reaction from the likes of Guv and Ishmael at the SIMPLE REQUEST for a link. That makes sharing information hard.


No, I don’t believe the Fox article mentioned that.

But I’m curious when protesting at a fence became a death sentence for any who were present.


If you can show how anyone was killed that wasn’t involved in the violence or attempting to breach the fence I’d love to see the supporting evidence.


I know what you are saying. Israel is not weak. And they fight well… impressively well against some serious odds. And not every Arab nation is as hostile towards Israel as Iran is. But the threat from Iran is not to be taken lightly.

The suggestion was to stop all foreign aid to Israel. That would be an experiment, at this point… one with untried consequences.

I also don’t think that Israel would annihilate the ME. They are not crazed like their enemies are. Unlike their enemies who hate Jews, Israel does not hate Muslims.


Don’t chunk rocks at people with guns.


Please link examples that support this statement and provide a number of them that is sufficient to prove that it characterizes responses from Trump supporters and is not just a few isolated examples.


And don’t be part of a rush of hundreds or thousands charging the border when there are just a handful of guys with guns defending it.

There’s no way in hell they were going to allow themselves to be overrun.


This POTUS, yes.


Somebody needs to be fired then, they forgot to add it.


So let me get this straight,

if we don’t keep our meddling hands in the region, ALL of the Jews will be killed?

Amazing that only us can salvage this poor country.


Wrong sign, see above.