Dozens killed in Israel


Protests to the US moving the embassy have resulted in Israel killing dozens of Palestinians.



Jared’s Israeli/Palestinian peace process is working so well. I see a Noble in his future.


Who cares about dead Palestinians … cause that new embassy is gonna be super sweet.


Pretty much


Freepers are cheering the death of more “mud” people in the name of Jebus.


But guys, the bathrooms at this new embassy … they are gonna be amazing!!!


Maybe the Palestinian’s shouldn’t protest so violently then.


How stupid of them. Bringing rocks to a sniper fight.


Yea, sure… rocks. Go with that. Guess they were using rocks to try and shoot down drones dropping tear gas.


Point being, Israel’s response (nearly 50 dead) to the protests is unconscionable.


You don’t know that to be true. Everything I’ve seen so far is typically one sided. Its been their MO for decades.


Protests or riots?

I’m actually surprised there aren’t more dead already.


too bad, the Jerusalem Embassy Act went into effect in 1995, the Embassy was supposed to have been moved by 1999. Congress, and the SJW have had over 20 years to repeal that law.


Little bit of both I’d imagine. I’m sure the number will rise.


It’s something to keep in mind. Throwing stones because they can’t get their hands on guns does not a protester make.

At least there hasn’t been another intifada.


I’m fully aware. The Palestinians have responsibility here as well.


It’s gonna be a beautiful embassy. And look, it’s already Trump branded.


And just wait till you hear who’s giving the opening speeches!



Huh? Is that sarcasm?



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