Dozens killed in Israel


Of course not, there are “some very fine people” among the violent protesters.


My understanding is that this is happening in Gaza and that it’s about strict, economic sanctions.


Over the long term will this increase or decrease the violence and death in the region?


They attack Israeli soldiers and civilians and get killed as a result. Why exactly should we care?


Palestinians rioting and attacking Israelis. Damn, that never happens!


Because … you.

I have enough experience with you and your ilk to know that I’d just be wrestling pigs in the mud.

Oh, and to head off the standard lib complain to admins, I’m not calling you a pig. I’m quoting George Bernard Shaw.

TYo be blunt, I don’t believe you actually looked up anything on Google for this. I simply don’t believe you. And I know if you actuallty did, you would have come across what I said in at least one of the articles. It’s in the CNN article. It’s in the MSN article. It’s in the FOX article.

You stomp yout feet and call it petty because I won’t play your stupid lib games.

I call it wise.

You’re so mad you can’t even type a complete sentence.

Now go complain some more, and I’ll blow you off some more.


Another example of why libs come across as unhinged.


What a difference a day makes.


Its really unfortunate. Kushner got his wish. The Palestinians should realize its not worth it. Its only temporary.


So should California


Let’s play that out shall we?

Israel recognizes the new Palestinian state and tells them they will be held accountable for all future attacks on Israel.

Within weeks or months at most more rockets start to fly from Palestinian territory into Israel.

Israel how has all the legal and moral authority it needs to eradicated them and push the last of them into Jordan where they’ve belonged all along.

Is that really the outcome you’re hoping for?


How about we stay out of that area? Let those two countries solve it themselves.

Remove all funding to Israel until they solve the conflict. 2+ billion that could be used to help our economy.


No thanks, I’d rather not see bodies piled to the ceiling.


Your suggestion would result in the annihilation of the Jews. It’s a tiny tiny piece of land amidst arab nations.

But you know that.


Because…your own petulance.

I literally just echoed someone’s request for a source. And what we got in response was…a child stomping around the check out line a WalMart because mommy didn’t buy him a pack of gum.

Of course you don’t. Because if I looked up an article (which I did, and I’m about to link), then in your partisan mind, it absolves you of the fact that you actually didn’t, and refuse to.

Here’s the article I read last night:

"The IDF said it opened fire to prevent to stop the crowd from bursting through the fence. While the fence was damaged in places, no Palestinians came through. “We do not target anyone who does not pose a threat, either by trying to tear down the fence or running into Israel,” said Lt Col Jonathan Conricus, an IDF spokesman. "

No Palestinians made it through, but now 50+ are dead, and a thousand+ injured.

All you were asked to do is provide the source you read instead of expecting everyone to be mind-readers and know exactly what you are talking about. That’s it-a simply copy/paste, and instead to just go hop in the mud pit before the pigs ever show up and start wallowing in it alone. Over being asked to cite a source. Amazing.

Stomping around? I asked for your source, and you call that stomping around? What on earth is wrong with you? You used to pretty rational and sensible, but over the last year, you’ve completely lost your mind.

I call it partisan petulance from you. If THIS is the reaction to “provide a source” then yeah, your reaction speaks volumes to that simple request.

Or I hit reply before I proofread, and then completely my sentence in a subsequent post. It’s two below the one you just quoted. Oops. Check your specs, gramps.

I’m not complaining-I’m just trying to understand why asking you to provide a link to a claim has sent you into this apoplectic episode.


For the sake of posterity and history, folks, this is what happened when you ask an unhinged Trump supporter to back up a claim they made with a source.


All those protesting are white supremacists?


I don’t think it would be the Jews who get annihilated. If it does go that way though and they activate their doomsday nuclear protocol the ME will never look the same again and much of it will be uninhabitable for the foreseeable future. All or most of Islam’s holiest sites and capitals will be destroyed as well as tens of millions of lives being lost.

That’s a scenario I’d rather we find a way to avoid but that’s just me.


it’s old… the requests for links for everything. And typically we also get nonsense like “please explain… and please be specific”

You really don’t care if someone provides a link and explains. It is just a ploy to make your debate opponents work while you laugh at them.


Did google tell you about the IED’s, the attempt to breach the fence with explosives, the flaming kits or molotov’s being hurled at the IDF soldiers or did they leave that out?