Dozens killed in Israel


Google says the people who were shot and killed were unarmed and that they had not broken through the fence. So basically, they were murdered by the IDF for protesting their disagreement with the US embassy being in Jerusalem.

The problem with “Google it” is that sometimes, there are a variety of stories on a subject, so asking a person to provide a source helps us from having to guess YOUR source of information on a particular topic.


In this case, they were shot because the IDF didn’t want them to bust through the fence…so they shot them while they were on the correct side of the fence, and no breaks were found in the fence.


Ahh… those Palestinians complaining and killing themselves again. We always fix these idiotic problems but so often it’s only after certain groups of people die off.


Yup, you’re asking that.

And I’m simply blowing you off. I’m sick of you libs and your apron tugging. It shouldn’t take you long to read through a report or two and see it yourself.

I’ve lost my patience with you – both you specifically, and the collective “you” of lib-dom.


Actually the report you SAY you read makes that claim. And the prism through which you choose to interpret what you read comes to that conclusion.

Another apron-tugging lib I have no patience for.


^ this :+1:


You’re right-I’m only claiming what one source stated. And I found it on Google. For some petulant reason, you’re very keen on NOT providing your source. Can’t imagine why that would be.

It’s amazing how petty you become at the mere request of asking you to provide a source so we all know the basis for a claim you



Truly amazing.


Well, this is not happening in the U.S. so what is your point? That every country must adhere to U.S. standards when it fits your strawman?


Sad,. You would think they would have something better to do besides bother Israel. How do you get that worked up about an embassy? Go start a business ans hire someone., geez…


I’d would hope we would target the leaders who provided the rocks and sent the people to do bad.


Of course they have a right to protest.

Since when have the Palestinians ever protested peacefully? No, instead of peace marches we get intifadas.

They are trapped in a spiral of their own making.


Well, one good thing that may come from it: The next time he tells them he’s going to do something, they might believe him.


They only are trying to get first in line at the bagel shop.

why do you think they are killing themselves to get in?


I’d say they have full responsibility and reap what they sow.


Death to all protestors.


You’re a bit harsh, I’d say death to all terrorists myself who reap what they sow. Anyway if terrorists don’t kill themselves in suicide attacks then they get killed by those they attack. It’s kind of like a win-win for them wouldn’t you say?


It is what Israel does best and most often.


all those protesting are terrorists?


Ahh… those Palestinians! We always fix these idiotic problems but so often it’s only after certain groups of people die off.