Dozens killed in Israel


Show one article from the news saying Israelis murdered Palestinians.


rolling eyes


You are a veritable Dynamo of Debate.


Yeah those eye rolls are amazing. :smiley:


By all means then clarify your meaning.


What was happening before the wire was put in?


Well no, when Christ returns it is the Christians that will be removed.


■■■■■■■ disgusting.


The IDF is defending Israeli territory and themselves from people who can best be described as barbarians.

The Palestinians could stop this if they truly desired peace.


My existence, unlike Israels has not led to tens of thousands of deaths and unending international conflict, pain and sorrow.

Biggest mistake ever made and they show over and over that they are horrible ■■■■■■■ people in what they do for that ridiculous little piece of land.


If the IDF was mowing down the people behind the fences we wouldn’t be talking about 52 dead, we’d be talking about thousands of dead.

Why is there a border fence between Gaza and Israel?


rotflmao! Gave them some land. Give us a ■■■■■■■ break.


They were given land. Each time they’ve been given land they use it to attack Israel.


Never again.


What? Israel and all of the conflict and death that it’s caused?

I could not agree with you more. ■■■■■■■ disgusting is right.


What does history teach us about when the Jews do not have a national homeland?


Israel has not initiated hostilities against anyone since 1947. They do however refuse to allow anyone to once again threaten to displace or destroy them as a nation or as a people.

Palestine was divided into two states, one for the Jews and one for the Palestinian Arabs, it was the arabs who have refused to accept that division and live in peace.

In 2000 Barak agreed to 98% of what Arafat demanded in the return of land and the establishment of the Arab state. What did he get in return? Another intifada.


I’m sure there must be some incredibly dumb thing that you and others tie to them not having a homeland and are sure would happen again the second there was no Israel.

Please do tell… I can’t wait to read this. lol


Dumb things like the Holocaust and half a millenia of slavery?

It’s been there homeland for 4000 years and they’ve earned it over and over. It isn’t Israel that refused to live in peace with it’s neighbors it’s the Palestinians you seem to hold such affection for.


Hey, let me and a few buddies come over and divide your place up into two plots. I promise we won’t initiate any hostilities after we get settled in whatever area we choose.