Dozens killed in Israel


lol - Yep, that’s the stuff.


Dead Hamas terrorists would be a good thing for a sane mind. You do know that Hamas and Iran are paying these Palestinians to protest or is your head in the “mud”?


Notice how the MSM is painting this as if it just started and all because of the embassy? It’s a real disservice to their listeners and I hope they get called out on it.


Ok, so in your mind facts are stupid. Congrats.


They seem to be leaving out the fact that the violence has been ramping up for a month.

I watched two of the big three yesterday and not once did I see a mention of how Iran is funding and supplying them as well as advising Hamas.


When you’re trying to assess who is the aggressor or the problem, look at who is coming at who? Then grasp that in this case, the aggression between the two sides has been going on for thousands of years.


lol - Facts? No.

Your ridiculous assertion here as to what would be the inescapable, forever plight for Jews if there had been no creation of Israel.

It’s really very, very funny man.


Yep…all I’m hearing is “-” Trump.


Which is exactly why it was the biggest mistake ever made.


I made no such assertion. What I did was point out the reality of what has happened throughout history when the Jews were forced from their homeland.

There is no guarantee it would be repeated but it certainly is a likelihood.

I also know that this is why the modern state of Israel was established, to prevent that history from being repeated.


Biggest ■■■■■■■ mistake, EVER!


Most of Israel seems to disagree. Being as they are the actual stakeholders in this decision I think I’ll go with their thoughts over yours.


What’s the definition of doing things the same but expecting different results?:sunglasses:


The UN… .


lol - Yeah, I’m sure you and Rose would have Jewish slaves if there was no Israel. Or that people all over the world would be gathering them up in camps for extermination if not for lil’ ole Israel just sitting there casting it’s magic protection on them.

You people have the most whacked ideas eva!


Please continue, it’s quite revealing.


There is only conflict because the Palestinians are offended to even breathe the same air as the Israelis.


Only one of the two is sworn to the complete destruction of the other and it isn’t Israel.


This post is anti-Semitic garbage. You should be ashamed of yourself.


Yep but Israel is the “evil” one.:roll_eyes: