Donny Does London 2018

Gross. And trolling.

I don’t, but I am an agnostic, does that help? My brother married one, they’re kooks.

You have a friend that wanted you to ask on a political forum whether someone on that board thought Mormons were Christians? What was his name? Saul?

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Now you lying. I never did that dude.
I’ll speak out on you alls hypocrisy when 45 does something egregious and will say, if Obama did that you all would lose your minds.

No, I was badgering him over something related to Mitt Romney, As a staunch Southern Baptist, I kept asking him if he thought Mormons were actual Christians. His only response was to say I was trolling him.

Which I guess is your answer. For the record, Southern Baptists don’t think Mormons are actual Christians. Or Catholics for that matter.

Something we actually agree on. It’s a cult.
Yeshua in the book of mormon is not the Yeshua in the bible.

You’re stuck.

Here we see a picture of President Trump learning to walk a straight line with the Queen and not looking like a total spaz. Still some work to do.

I like what he’s done with his hair.

Not at all. I’m not a Southern Baptist and what I am and my viewpoint on Mormans is none of your trolling buddies business.

I choose what I will discuss or not discuss.

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Obama did a great deal that disgusted me over 8 years. As he was president there was nothing we could do about it however.

Too bad the left doesn’t learn that about Trump.

Geez, you might as well just admit it now.

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The democrats need to sit down, shut up and give Trump free reign to do WHATEVER HE WANTS.


I am not a democrat btw. Libertarian with a good dose of opinions that lean right

Admit what? On the old forums I had saul/peter completely blocked out for a reason.

Responding to even one of his posts here was a mistake. I don’t allow leftists to dictate what i will discuss to me.

How about quit screaming at the sky and crying wolf every day. People have heard it so much they don’t pay any attention to the sky is falling nonsense any more.

p.s. Libertarians are kind of Democrat light imo. Conservative on money often but just as left as the dems on many social/moral issues.

Still a non answer. You’re stuck.

How so? …

The sky IS falling for some people.

PS Social and moral issues are for the most part, none of the government’s business unless it involves a crime.

The sky is falling for no one. Killing innocent unborn babies(abortion) are everyone’s business imo.

Why do you feel the need to inject abortion into every thread you post in? Its kind if pitiful.