Donny Does London 2018

You’re Southern Baptist, Mitt Romney is a Mormon. I can’t imagine a Christian sect that labels Mormonism an actual “cult” be caring too much for Mormons.

Wrong guess but what I am is none of your business anyway.

The point stands. You probably don’t think much of Mormons.

Lets try a little test.

Do you accept that Mormons are Christians?

Lol, are you kidding me? Hey guys, what is your problem, did you not see how great uncontrolled immigration worked out for Native Americans? That’s your argument?

Not to mention they were forced to eat those peas, they didn’t volunteer to eat them.

I have political differences with Romney. McCain as well for that matter.

So are Mormons Christians? Do you consider Mormons to be “good”, or any kind of, Christians?

STHU zantax!
My argument is correct and non debatable. Stop caping for this racist bastard.


Yeah…hilarious on how much a basic jackass you are.
Wearing your Cape as usual. Kick rocks

Now you hurt my feelings, bully.

For the record, no, Southern Baptists don’t think Mormons are Christians. They think Mormonism is a cult.

Not the bully type. Just tired you all being dumb asses for the sake of party and/or political ideology.

Pot vs kettle.

Goddad don’t even start. You cape for your god 45 like your life depends on it.
Oh…I forgot he’s your lord and savior

I corrected you once on that lord and savior business but looks like you are going persist with that false accusation.

You seem to forget the way you guys foolishly backed Obama(in everything) for 8 years.

There’s the Irony.

That’s the difference between me and you. I wasn’t in the tank for Obama. When he did right, I gave props where props were do. When he messed up, gave no excuses for him and spoke out against it.

Is my accusation false?
Better start self evaluating gooddad.

If you say so. I don’t recall you doing anything but gush over Obama.

My self evaluations are just fine.

Do you consider Mormons to be Christians? Asking for a friend.

I very seldom respond to trolling. Go away.

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