Don Jr Lied To Congress


Twas but a few weeks ago there was a glint in the trumpsters eye, thinking that Popadopalous was about to change his plea and reveal the troof.

Twas around the same time they were cheering Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman as they finally brought mueller down!

Couldn’t have been but a moon before that when Whititaker was going to fix this mess

And never forget this whole time that Jeff Sessions is secretly working behind the scenes in some epiQ reveal that would lock her and all of em up!

These are the fictions the trumpster believes. Until they become dated, and create a new one.

All the while, the indictments, convictions, guilty pleas continue. Higher and higher. Reality continues being reality.


That’s ridiculous. rosenstein suggested mueller to replace comey, and comey is the one who wanted mueller to be special counsel.

Of course that was after all of the confirmation process maneuvering to get sessions to recuse himself and comey leaking to get the appointment he wanted.

No spinning here.


1.5 years. You couldnt even get an associates degree in that time frame. Let alone investigate an election and foreign powers involvement, along with indictments and prosecutions. This isnt a movie. Where in the world does this notion that 2 years is a long time come from?


Yup. Friday boo-boo finger.


And yet every day from the MSM we hear about the imminent end of the Trump administration. Go figure.


Asking that is just ridiculous

But since its fun to always remind everyone at how many there are…so far :


I haven’t heard anything about the end of the Trump administration. Pretty sure there would have to be an impeachment first, then it would go to the Senate.

I haven’t even heard about an impeachment starting yet.


No, we hear about the state of the Mueller investigation, people pleading guilty, people cooperating and people being indicted. Do you watch the news? If so, what do you watch?


I’m saying it. Because I’m the fun one.

Mike Pence 2019.


When you put it that way, you make it appear that some Trump supporters are grasping blindly at straws.

When does this elusive reality that you describe start to settle in for them?

Or is reality a MacGuffin?


Haha - might as well have some fun. :grinning:


As in resigning.


Reality is so bad for the Trump org right now that the Alexander Costa story, which any other moment in history would be headline news, is barely a blip on the radar.

This plane is definitely crashing
This boat is obviously sinking
This building’s totally burning down


I don’t watch the news. I get my news from many different sources on the internet.


I haven’t really heard anything about him resigning either. Personally, I think he’s too stubborn to resign. If he could be embarrassed into resigning, it would have happened already.


I guess folks could make a pool concerning who gets indicted, but it might be the kind of pool in which everybody wins, and that’s the kind of game that emits the whiff of the fake gold of a participation trophy.




I think embarrassment and laughter–some types of laughter anyway–are intertwined. We slip; people turn to look; we laugh at ourselves.

Have you ever seen Trump laugh?


Where did you get your news from this week? Did you actually read the buzzfeed article everyone was talking about? Sounds like you havent


You said “leading to convictions” as if there are more coming. Name the crime.