Don Jr Lied To Congress


You see the word collusion in there?

You see anything the any law anywhere that says the president is above the law unless it’s Russian collusion?

…I like that you’re saying “at this point” now.

Also, he isn’t untouched. He’s individual 1.



It’s not the lying about selling cocaine that drug dealers need to worry about. It’s the intent.


That’s just you, and it’s a fantasy you’re concocting to avoid reality.


Maybe. Why don’t you explain how muelle decided not to charge manafort years ago only to hit him for it now, and while you’re at it, why don’t you explain why so many fbi initiated contacts with the trump campaign happened??

Give it a shot.


I have no interest in playing within your imagination. Come to me with reality.


You’ve lost me???


Simply mentioning the President in a plea deal doesn’t do anything to implicate the President. Thus far, the President remains untouched.


Oh I guess if law enforcement isnt quick enough to charge someone with crimes that makes them innocent


There’s really no place to go from here other than for me to be content with the idea that you consider the president untouched, as his world is crumbling around him day by day.

In reality, this is going to continue. There is no reason to deny that.


So you’re saying that mueller didn’t decide not to prosecute manafort years ago for the same tax evasion he prosecuted him for this year??

And you’re also saying you’re unaware of the fact that multiple people with fbi contacts initiated contacts with the trump campaign people??

That’s just a weird position to take. I thought you were “informed”.


I didn’t say any of those things.

I’m pointing out that you concocted a fan-fiction, and expect people to hold a debate within your imagination.

For the second time. Not interested.

Don Jr lied to congress. That’s reality.


There is no such thing as unlimited resources. And there have been numerous articles about how Trump and Co. have stiffed enough lawyers that many top notch ones will no longer work for them. Not too long ago Trump searched around D.C. for new representation and was turned down by every top lawyer and firm.





All of this is just a smoke screen with mueller wrapping up soon, and it’s designed to lend some “legitimacy” to House dimocrats using their newfound subpoena power.


“All of this” Being of course, the evidence of crimes that’s leading to convictions.


I think you meant to reply to Peek-a-boo.


Trump can’t get good lawyers and US banks won’t lend him money.

What the hell else do people need to know about him??


Wishful thinking on the part of all Trump haters. “The end is imminent” just as it has been for the last two years.

Wishing and Hoping.


Name the crime? And while you’re at it, answer my question about mueller suddenly caring about manafort’s tax crimes years after he declined to charge him.


Wow - Trump appointed Rosenstein, who in turn set up Mueller so that he could help the democrats - even though no one knew who would be winning the House in this election back then.

I think I’m getting dizzy from all this spinning.