Don Jr Lied To Congress


Ask Don Jr


I wasn’t referring to Trump. I was referring to MSM outlets writing him off, speculating that the latest breaking story would certainly result in him resigning.


None. There is nothing to see here. Nothing is happening. There is no crime. I don’t even believe in crime.


Perjury for one. Don Jr is pretty boy prison virgin, doesn’t look like the type who will keep his mouth shut and serve the time.


I not only read the Buzzfeed article, I linked to it and quoted from it. :+1:


No. You linked and quoted an article that linked and quoted a small part of the buzzfeed article to make a false claim about cohens involvement that the buzzfeed article contradicts. Try again.


I’ve seen him with a creepy perv smile, like when he sees a playmate coming his way, or a little girl on an escalator, or Putin.


I’m glad I don’t have to defend Trump anymore.

Jumping ship felt great.

I’m drinking less.

Not so nervous.

Maybe I’ll start exercising again.

Sometimes I find myself smiling

For no reason.


^ I’ve seen grasping at straws but haha WOW man. I think you guys have broken their brain.


When his supporter were assulting protestors at his rallies


I hope you all keep your clothes on while fantasizing this way.


Name something in there that’s wrong.


Name something in there that’s relevant.


Posted in another thread but it applies here too…


I told you what’s happening. Trying to give "legitimacy " to the upcoming House “investigations”.


hahaha fan fiction conspiracy theories. This is really the best you have?


Would you believe me if I said “collusion”???


Let me know when mueller charges YOUR PRESIDENT!.


Playing along, if “that’s whats happening” It’s working extremely well by way of convictions, guilty pleas and a general criminal roll up. Why wouldn’t there be further investigations? The more we look the more we find. Criminals are bad, remember?


Thanks for these Trumpette words of wisdom. :grin: