DOJ EXPOSÉ: IG Poised to Release BOMBSHELL Report on Clinton Probe

Originally published at: DOJ EXPOSÉ: IG Poised to Release BOMBSHELL Report on Clinton Probe | Sean Hannity

A bombshell report from the Inspector General at the Department of Justice will be sent to Congressional leaders as early as this week; possibly answering key questions over the DOJ’s botched probe into Hillary’s email server.

“The Department of Justice Inspector General has sent what is described as an ‘extremely long and thorough draft’ of the much anticipated report on the FBI and DOJ’s investigation and handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe, this reporter has learned. The detailed report on the FBI’s decision making process into the Clinton investigation could lead to possible criminal referrals for some of the officials involved in the case,” writes Sara Carter.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report, which is expected to be released within the next three to four weeks to the public, has been turned over to current and former officials for review, as first reported in The Wall Street Journal and Washington Post,” she adds.

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Would you like fries with your hyperboleburger?


bet you nothing happens…outside of a trump tweet,

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for believing there has been a violation of federal criminal law in the FBI/DOJ’s handling of the Clinton investigation/s and has referred his findings of potential criminal misconduct to Huber for possible criminal prosecution.

So if this is true…well libs start taking the corruption seriously?

Or will they stick to Trump Russian collusion story?

Inquiring minds want to know.

What does one case have to do with the other?

It’s simple…lock up whomever broke the law. Whether Don Jr, Hillary, the Donald himself or any others. If you broke the law…lock’em up! See, it’s easy when not looking through partisan blinders.


Nothing. But that does not matter. Anything to try and run interference in the Mueller investigation.

Most libs have been trying to tell you for the last year-and-a-half but they have no problem with Hillary Clinton being investigated and prosecuted for crimes she may have committed.

But so far all your thread amounts to is “I heard a thing.” As usual.

Oh yes…and it has nothing to do with internal corruption within CoJ and FBI. Or even Obama administration.

If you say so Conan. Like all things, I will wait until there is evidence before I go running off condemning anyone and everyone. Same as I did with McCabe. Should there be evidence presented of wrong doing, then I will demand the responsible party be held to account, and if it is criminal behavior, that they be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

But so far, all we have is your rumor mongering to go off of. That is simply not enough for most of us.

Please provide a link for your reference that he has found “reasonable grounds”. Thanks.

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Right…like those that are still clinging on Russian/Trump collusion?

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Your post makes no sense. I have not condemned Trump or any of his associates for colluding with Russia. No evidence has been presented that would suggest I need to call for their prosecution. The investigation is ongoing and we will get to see what’s what at the end.

Okay found the “reasonable grounds” quote. A tweet from Paul Sperry who writes op-ed’s for the NY Post and has been proven wrong on multiple occasions. His tweet was published by The Gateway Pundit, which is also known for getting their facts wrong on multiple occasions. So I think I will wait until the report is actually released.

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“I know a guy”

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@conan should thank you for doing his leg work for him. And like you, I’ll wait until something legitimate is offered from a reputable source, of which Gateway Pundit is anything but.

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Both “I heard a thing” and “I know a guy” are create a more credible basis for a statement than anything associated with The Gateway Pundit.



Wouldn’t it be funny if they found the fbi was intentionally sinking Clinton’s campaign?

Meanwhile libs worship CNN and NYT about their source of Russian collusion for last year and half.

Meanwhile we are still waiting on proof.

But yet you libs are sill pushing it.

So will see.

Who’s in charge of all the Russian investigations? Is it Libs? I can’t remember.