Does anyone believe things would be going worse if Trump had been reelected?

I was never a fan of Trump, especially on the personal level. Then again I’m no fan of Biden either. Nonetheless, there were many who honestly believed we were getting this miracle man (some refferd to him as the man of our time) as the new president, and with him a utopia to shortly follow (just listen to Don Lemon after Biden won).

But alas, a year later we have to look at the actual facts. Inflation at a 40 year high, COVID cases at record highs, the worst border situation ever, gas prices up 50%, political division, continuing higher levels of crime, etc. (I’m sure there’s things I’m forgetting.) So what happened to this miracle man with 50 years of experience in government, with the first first female and non-white vice president (two incredible achievements in and of themselves), with an incredible cast of highly educated people to encompasses this administration?

PS - My main motivation here is to point out the limited efficacy of a president to have real substantial positive impact in the lives of most Americans.

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Absolutely would be.



Libs never had it so good under Trump.

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Not only did libs had it so good under Trump…they also had someone to bitch about.

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Called it all, plus war. :rofl:



Show me any post of mine praising Trump as a person.

Actually I forgot to mention Afghanistan.


It had to be this way.

People would have reacted far worse to the resilience of Covid with Trump in office, even though the economy would have been much better.

one thing is for sure…

if trump were pres and everything was the same, you’d hear no end to what a disaster everything is


Doubt based on what?

Quote it.

Yes, I do. Do you really think that Democrats and their allies would have let a little thing like an election keep Trump in office for a second term?

They had backup plans for riots, secession, military coup, orchestrated propaganda campaigns, etc.

Then there is always the risk that a violent leftist would take matters into his own hands while the CIA and FBI display shocking levels incompetence and/or complicity.

I have come to the conclusion that we are better off with Brain-Dead Biden, but not because he is a better president.


No infrastructure bill, no stimulus. He probably would have gotten delta and made it a fashion statement for his idiot flock.

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Bidenbux = $1400+
Trump change = $600

The US has added $2.8 trillion to the debt since Biden took office. The workforce is about 165 million people.

That works out to over $17,000 per worker.

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The thing I feared most with Trump was his desire to remove anyone who did not agree with him or were not loyal to him. in every case he replaced those people with many who were not qualified for the job and allowed him to impose his will. His America first plan made America alone. He alienated us with some of our most loyal international partners. And in the global economy we have this was not a good thing. And I would be very concerned if he decided to remove or diminish our involvement in NATO. He really didn’t seem to grasp why we keep our military in certain international positions.

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Trump’s 2020 deficit was over $3 trillion.


Actually the 2021 deficit is also his, Biden’s first budget is 2022.

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There’s a silly game we play here where anything that happens prior to January 20, 2021 is on Trump and anything that happens after that date is attributed to Biden. Nuance, externalities, and ongoing trends cannot be taken into account.


Biden’s COVID bill passed in March. It added 1.9 trillion to the deficit.

The relief checks were only a small portion of the pork.