Do you consider this a disturbing trend?

Here is an additional link on the attack in the OP:


From the recent link:

This incident is one of several that have happened in the area in recent days.

Two women were reportedly stabbed in the wake of a brawl after leaving a nightclub in the Theater District early Wednesday morning.

And late last month, three teenage girls allegedly attacked an 81-year-old man and sprayed him with whipped cream inside a McDonald’s in Downtown Crossing, according to Boston 25.

Here’s another incident that I found pertinent to this discussion:

From the link:

“Hector Sosa-Mendoza was one of seven people who died in shootings across Indianapolis over the weekend. Ten were injured.”

I don’t know much about Indianapolis and how much it has changed over time.

I would think that violent video games desensitize individuals to violence, not cause it. It is much like the armed forces going to silhouette targets to make engaging a human profile more of a reactive event than a considered event.


I agree.

Well maybe the black caucus shouldn’t have demanded them.

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^^^^^^^^^ when there isn’t an intelligent response ^^^^^^^^^^^^

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The two don’t really go together. If a person of any color is an actual father, what’s he doing getting involved with drug related crimes? That’s the action that ruined the family but look at who you blame? You blame the system that is trying to keep drugs out of the population. Maybe it’s time to look in the mirror because IMO your reaction is a big part of the cultural problem.


I’ve never ceased to be amazed when people throw a fit about drug crime sentencing. I’ve never been to prison and I’m told part of that is white privilege. What it REALLY is about is the fact that I had a real father in the home that kept me out of trouble until I was smart enough to do it myself. Large parts of this country have missed the fact that as a parent, you can’t be a selfish little twit and on drugs or your KID is the one that suffers. I’ve never done a drug in my life and I’m supposed to feel bad for a black guy for being black when he goes to prison for drugs and make no mistake, more often than not, they go to prison for far more than simple possession.


Here’s more examples of quality parenting:

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Can’t imagine that these kids had wonderful parents:

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Transport elementary, middle and high schoolers on a school bus and you’ll get a good feeling why some children could easily become part of the criminal element.
I know of school bus driver that was stabbed with a pencil in the shoulder by a 3rd grader as they were disembarking at the end of the school day. What the ■■■■ prompts an 8 year old to do that? Home life, video games, a dare, ■■■■■■■ lead paint chips?

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Here’s a more recent link on the continuing situation in Boston:

“The girl allegedly yelled, “Why you be talking (expletive)?” at one of the women who warned the children to “behave.” The girl reportedly punched one woman’s face, knocking her glasses to the ground. The girl allegedly then stomped on the glasses before hurling more punches.”

Whether from one or two parents can we all agree that this girl was raised to treat others with dignity and respect?

Here’s more detail about the person from the first link:

Police have arrested several local children in different related incidents they attribute to a “specific group of violent juveniles,” according to police reports obtained by MassLive.

Five teenagers arrested in connection with a Downtown Crossing attack earlier this month when a group of girls and one boy attacked a woman standing at an intersection, calling her a “white b---- with braids,” the report states.

It would appear from the racial epithet that this particular person was black, would you agree? Assuming that most if not all the teens involved are black as well then there’s a close to 70% chance that they are from single parent homes.


Some more related news:

The latest fad here is to steal catalytic converters. A guy just shot three guys here in his driveway that were stealing his. It’s just going to have to get to more and more of us shooting criminals or it’ll just get worse and worse. I used to carry off and on but today, I carry my full size P320 everywhere I go with an extra mag. While I still feel like I’ll probably never need it, it’s just too easy to carry to not do it.


This is progressive approach to life. Ignore abberant behaviour until societies become desensitised to its presence, and then argue that the culture has moved on and now its statistically common and so should be accepted as normal.


These are crackheads stealing converters to support their drug habits. If I were king, I’d severely prosecute the buyer. That’s the source of this problem. Just follow the money. No mon…no fun.

Again for the cheap seats. It wasn’t ignored. It just wasn’t as skeery as you guys made it out to be.

Reefer madness for the 21st century.

Pretty much. These morons are the lowest of the low and the people that buy the products need to be slapped around. It’s not as bad as the sex traffickers but it’s the same business model.

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