Do you consider this a disturbing trend?

I have posted other articles with analogous types of occurrences, and it seems like these types of incidents are becoming more commonplace. So here’s something I found today:

From the link:

Five juveniles are facing charges in connection with a violent assault on a woman in Boston’s Downtown Crossing, an area of the city that has seen a recent spike in disturbing incidents.
Such senseless, deplorable violence.


It takes a male and a female to create a life. In a perfect world, those same two, united in Holy matrimony, lovingly guiding this child along the path of education, into adulthood is the most highly probable way of them achieving their own personal success. Our country’s success is based on this fact.

The word “guide” can mean many things but most children will choose not to always do what’s in their own best interests…like going to school, studying, with the goal of getting good grades. Sometimes it takes a physical authority that the child can not overpower and offers them no other choice but to obey. As a result, the child benefits with their education and a respect for authority. When this doesn’t take place and there is no authority guiding this child into adulthood, what “we” are witnessing around the US in youth violence is the direct result.

When these same have children, it will get even worse…just as it’s taken a few generations of single parenting homes, to get to where “we” are now.

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Is the trend disturbing? Absolutely.

Kids believe they can get away with it, which some can. I think folks are going to have to start with their own preventative measures to keep their businesses safe.

What makes you think these children didn’t come from 2 parent households? Anything besides your imagination?

…the laws of probability.

The laws of probability say those 24 children all came from households with a single parent? I knew you were going entirely off your imagination

…and if later down the road, when more data is provided and you’re proven wrong…again…are you big enough to apologize? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Yes by all means try proving that those 24 children all came from single parent homes

The “knockout game” or “polar bear hunting” are not new. Ten years ago the left were saying these didn’t exist. I wonder if the instances of the lefties gentrifying bad neighborhoods has made some of them see reality.

Who on the left was saying they didn’t exist? What was derided was the hysteria surrounding it.

Just like the op. Single events are meshed together with events over a 10 year period and A new hysteria is born

It’s well established that single parent households are linked with higher crime rates and more violence. It’s also basic common sense. If you’re raised with two parents, you’re far more likely to live in a stable home with discipline. As an old cop buddy of mine once said, “Discipline your kids so we don’t have to. You’ll do it with love, we’ll do it with tasers and handcuffs”. :smiley:

Opposing Viewpoints, P 62-66, 1997, A E Sadler, ed. – See NCJ-167319
The Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency reports that the most reliable indicator of violent crime in a community is the proportion of fatherless families.


USA Today,, police officials, Daily Beast, and the links are just from the first page of a search. The mainstream narrative is that “yeah, this stuff happens, but it’s not really a trend.”

Knockout Game a Myth

Knockout Game Trend is a Myth

Knockout Game Phony Panic

The Heritage Foundation! :man_facepalming::rofl::rofl:

Yes it is about breakdown of traditional families. That’s the lib agenda so they the state can fill that void.

BTW…welcome to the forum.


I also quoted a study. They were two of the first items in search. You’re welcome to provide a study that proves them wrong.

Opposing Viewpoints, P 62-66, 1997, A E Sadler, ed. – See NCJ-167319
The Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency reports that the most reliable indicator of violent crime in a community is the proportion of fatherless families.

I read the article. The heritage foundation is using faulty methodology. Causation does not imply Correlation

No you didn’t. You cited a few pages from a 25 year old book that contained opposing viewpoints on juvenile crime

Like putting a black father in prison for a drug related crime?

What does that do to the family? Was that libs who did that?

You really should have read those past the headlines. Really really.

Thanks for posting articles that agreed with my post

I literally said the issue was the hysteria ie trend and you post an article proving me right.

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This is always fun for me because my “retirement job” is driving a school bus. In the past 5 years of this endeavor I’ve been transporting some great school kids Pre-K up to HS and had to deal with some downright bad ones. After the ‘Rona 18 month school shutdown the dears returned off the chain! A charming young fellow of a 3rd grader threatened to “git his uncle to take me out” because I wouldn’t allow him to bring a paper plate of breakfast food dripping syrup on the bus. Forget it’s against the transportation rules, a copy of given to each parent when they’re assigned to a bus route. Never did get the opportunity to meet his uncle but I digress.
The school administrators ultimately are tasked with disciplining unruly students. Teachers whose classes are disrupted that get no support from unwilling administrators? Well the teachers are screwed. There have been situations where a parent (or some relative on the contact sheet), is called to school to discuss getting the child under control. These “responsible” parents hurl accusations at the teachers, threaten lawsuits and as expected in some cases shout the R word. This after viewing their innocent offspring on a surveillance video recording.
No, accountability is gone. When the children are allowed to be comfortable engaging in bad behavior and know there will be no repercussions or punishment?
We’re ■■■■■■■

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