Do you consider this a disturbing trend?

This was an incident that happened in Pittsburgh:

I posted something a couple of weeks back about a significant reduction in the number of people wanting to be officers in that town. I can’t say this type of activity is more commonplace there as a result?

Like this:

The neighbor, who’s lived in the area for nearly five years, said the violence has increasingly become worse, causing her and her neighbors to live in fear.

This happened in NY:

Probably could be cross-posted in the thug thread.

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Ages 5-11, vandalism: peeing and crapping in a classroom.

Disturbing, indeed.

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Here’s another incident that goes along with this discussion:

The probability is the 18 year old in Texas that just murdered innocent children in school also goes along with this discussion.

And the article contains links to more similar incidents:

It’s not just a handful of easy-to-link demographics. It’s not just particular geographic locations. It’s not just “the other side” that we want to demonize.

It’s our culture. And it’s disturbing.

In some respects the way we bicker here is a sanitized, filtered expression of that culture. The fight reflex. The need to win. Don’t back down. The need to win by crushing the other guy. Out in the open (rather than in the safety of distance from the other guy’s internet avatar) the expression of that culture becomes physical.

And I fear we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg so far.