Didn't see that coming: Russia and US to work together on Clinton $$$ and Emails!

Talk about a boomerang! Democrat coup attempt will result in the most massive scandal in US history being uncovered. Jail for the Clintons?

Wondered what the crap the OP was talking about, found it on the front page of GP. Baaaaaaa.

The Helsinki Question and Answer phase, just ended minutes ago. A reporter asked about collusion, Russia has a Treaty with the us on crime and wants investigation into the illegal money that went to Clintons.

They also will work together in both Russia and US to find those Emails, inspect the DNC server, etc etc.

Its a boomerang of King Kong proportions.


That’s not what Putin said.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Russia wanted to further spread propaganda in America.

Certainly is. He invoked the Treaty and is tired of being accused. He specificly mentioned Twelve indicted and wants his criminal division in on seeing Mueller’s evidence, and Meuller’s investigators can see Russian proceedings. Full co-operation. The Hilda-Beast is now a topic at a US-Russian Summit.

That is a disaster for them, the DNC all the Deep State. Its now international, can’t be “forgiven”. National Security, Foreign Relations, requires a Boomerang of Apocalyptic proportions, scalp the coup.

Lock her up! Build that wall! Sis-boom-ba!

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So you want our intelligence agencies to share with Russia how we detected their agents (sources and methods) committing cyber crimes in the US?

See anything wrong with this?

Spin will not save the DNC.

Deflection won’t work.

The US Russia Treaty will be invoked. Putin said the 400 million (Uranium One) money was illegal, untaxed, he he wants to know why Hillary got it.


What could go wrong? Putin “strongly” denied meddling in the US election, and if that’s good enough for Dear Leader it should be good enough for you.

Besides, it’s not like Russia is anything like Europe, our true adversary.

Do you really believe this nonsense? Seek help…


No jail for the Clinton’s. The odds of the federal government prosecuting high ranking government officials are about the same as seeing a sasquatch and a space alien in the same day. In other words. Uhm no.

Accountability is meant for the peasants. Not the ruling class. Ain’t gonna happen.

No man, no. This is what Alfie has been waiting for for two agonizing years. With Comrade Putin’s help, the demonic Clinton cabal will finally be taken down, and she will likely serve time in a Russian prison deep in Siberia. It’s becoming a reality, at long last.

Thank you, Comrade Putin and thank you, Dear Leader!

That was an intersting non denial from Putin on the pee tape.

I missed that. More detail, please.

Not going to get my hopes up too much…

Certainly is an interesting twist, especially if Russia got the muddy end of the stick on taxes in the deal.



What “400 million” are you (and Putin) talking about?


What do Russian taxes have to do with anything?