Did Obama Commit A Crime

How do you feel about “Mexico will pay for the wall”?

A person born on United States soil of foreign parents is deemed loyal enough to call them a citizen. There is always a tug at the heart from the land of one’s birth.

If mexico will not, some has too.

yeah, i bet those five years she spent in Iran while her American parents were doing what Christ suggests “helping those less fortunate” really molded her.

Yep page was working for the FBI. Maybe that pissed off some russian agents and american sympathizers to spin the narrative. Why has not Mueller or DOJ charged him? Oh he did not lie in his interview or could not be framed as being deceptive… Too bad.

They formed.

But it is you who brought this up. I simply brought up the current thinking that a child born on our soil who spends even a minute here has all the honor and sense of birthright of a United States citizen. One born in Iran will have that same sense of loyalty too to Iran. Now… the question for these foreign born US citizens becomes "will the duty and loyalty to the US always outweigh the duty and loyalty to the country of birth? "

We can tell only from their actions.

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That is not to say he IRS flap wasn’t serious ■■■■, it was and I wish some people did jail time for it, but most orgs affected were not affected in a major fashion, they just had to wait longer or function normally but without official status.

What was the phrase that Newt Gingrich used to describe the whole Mexico-Is-Going-to-Pay-for-the-Wall lie? Ahh, yes: a “great campaign device.”

Yes, they could not functional normally until after the election. Romney may have won with a better get out the vote movement.

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Seek help.

I sought information.

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You should get a refund if you paid for it.

Your info was bogus. Someone duped you.

In fact the IRS scandal is the equal opposite of the Russian witch hunt… We actually had collusion to steal an election and the investigation was shut down quickly. Probably because the TP was the victim and even senate reps like McCain wanted them gone…

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I like that device. Someone should pay for it. Borders, language, and culture. Don’t forget it. #MAGA

Brother Ishmael does not need help. He has his act together.

Where do you get those notions, brother… Delusion of grandeur

Are you still trying to push the narrative that Jarret’s loyalties are (at best) divided simply because her American parents happened to pop her out while in Iran? Despite the fact that they left Iran before Jarret was kindergarten age?

That narrative is so weak it would embarrass Bulwer-Lytton.

Evidently when a dem lies it is no crime.You are correct. At the worst all they receive from succeeding republican admins is immunity.

So as you imply…no big dealio. Lie on dems. Lie on.