Did Obama Commit A Crime

When he said “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor”? I’m just wondering because I’ve heard trump supporters say that statement was outrageous and very bad. But if it’s not a crime, so what?

Exactly…lying is not a crime…neither is talking out your ASS! OBAMA did a great deal of that when it came to health care reform.


Yes, he lied to the FBI.

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he didn’t say it under oath so it’s all good

Obama did not force insurance companies to change their policies. Acting as if this is a “lie” on part with the repeated, blatant campaign of misinformation we have seen from not only Trump, but the majority of his administration, is taking false equivalence to the next level.


Just shows he’s a liar. He used the IRS to steal the 2012 election. And we still don’t know why he killed so many people in Libya, or why they sold guns to Mexican drug gangs…


You’re acting like being a liar is a negative quality?

It is on such a big issue as our medical coverage.



National security and intense partisanship arent big issues when it comes to collusion?

Yes he did.


Collusion delusion except for Hillary and fusion… Hillary paid for Russian fake news.


Sounds serious. Someone should lock her up.

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Yes, the uninformed never heard it before… But, she should be locked up for destroying her records as Sec. of state. Back when libs were educated they knew what FOIA was and protected it.

I’m okay with that. Not even being sarcastic. Strange nothing seems to be happening in this direction though.

As Trump said in his rallies, " perhaps we should just beat her in the election".

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Well that happened. Seems pointless to me to keep bringing up Hillary then. Gets boring.

Just as boring as Russian collusion and Mueller’s nothing burger witch hunt… Hillary was the only one that paid for collusion with Russians.


There is absolutely no evidence that Obama used the IRS to steal the 2012 election. It didn’t happen.

Except for the 500 rep non profit orgs he prevented from forming for the election…