Did Anyone Catch the Trumpus MAGA Mega Rally In Tampa?

We had it passed and enacted here in PA and the judiciary over-ruled the legislature.

The issue was the free ID was not easy enough to obtain for disenfranchised voters. Never mind it was easier to obtain than it is to actually vote. This is why people support and appreciate Trump. This is why his rallies reflect the America the media chooses to ignore and marginalize.

It is real and the vote will show the resilience of middle America.

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We had it here in PA and were told NO by a judge.

Okie dokie.

If I remember right the court struct down your Photo Voter ID law because it was an inherently flawed piece of legislation?

How many cases of in-person voter fraud have been prosecuted over the years in PA?

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See what I mean? Things like flipping of a national camera doesn’t even register as “embarrassing”.

Donald Trump is exactly, precisely what those people love.

Why don’t you tell people the whole story instead of just the parts that support your argument?

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I’m not sure I understand your point. They wouldn’t be there if they didn’t want to be there…I thought the politeness was rather refreshing.

Nevermind the fact that a PA legislator then said on video that the ID law was passed and that it will ensure that Romney will win the state.

Oh this rally? (language, general human debauchery)

I’ve seen a dozen true Conservatives doing their best to apologize for/condemn what’s shown in that clip. It’s the kind of clip that will be used in the future, showing the level of depravity that the US sank to under the reign of Donald Trump.

I am auto-logged in on my phone. But back to the original question - How many times did you write a check to Amazon? Never?

Its not the same as Orange Idiot claiming you need an ID to buy groceries. See, here’s his problem. He has never purchased groceries. Ever. He has no idea what the cost of bread or eggs are. He has others do everything for him. He is clueless when it comes to average Americans. He can toss slogans out, but he has no idea about real American daily life.

“Tell the truth” is now depravity?

Go ahead and run this clip all you want. It will just remind people of all the lying the media has done.

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Yeah, you just go ahead and ignore the rest of it. Keep doing that.

Why do you always have to Trumpslain everything that comes out of his mouth? Clearly the clueless wonder has no idea that someone can walk into a grocery store, buy some apples, and pay cash. No need to produce an ID. Of course, he has no idea what the inside of a grocery store looks like, so there’s that problem.

It’s sooooo much more than that.

They passed the law a month before the primaries, then required a “trial run” in those primaries where they asked you for ID but let you vote if you didn’t have it, then a recording leaked of the State Assembly Majority Leader publicly telling a Republican conference explicitly that the point of the law he pushed through was to make sure Romney won our state in 2012, at which point it was suspended for the 2012 general election because duh, and then was finally overturned in 2014.

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Mike Turzai, our state equivalent of the Speaker of the House, no less.

You really think Trump is that out of touch and yet connects better with the middle class than just about every Senator and Congressperson?

I doubt he goes into many grocery stores. I also don’t think he is above going to a grocery store. He sure visits enough fast food stops.

Thanks for offering a good example of preconceived Trump dogma.

You never answered my question about how many in-person voter fraud cases have been prosecuted in PA. I’ll assume it’s like everywhere else, a very low number but will take your concern about voter fraud seriously and your solution of voter id. What is the cost of an acceptable id - $10-$20?

It is to lol.

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You had to have an I.D. in order to open the account that allows you to pay by other means than a check.