Did Anyone Catch the Trumpus MAGA Mega Rally In Tampa?

Rightside was in town to capture the MAGA blowout Trump Rally In Tampa

The Trump Rally in Tampa was historical for one spectacular reason. Trump, for just a little under two hours extolled QUITE TRUTHFULLY the amazing and MASSIVE accomplishments of his administration.

It is doubted by any truthful political historian that ANY president EVER had so many accomplishments to present to a wildly cheering audience.

Contrast this joyful rally to the sad sack rallies during the terror rein of O where he downplayed prospects for prosperity and tooted his handful of miracles, which now pretty much boil down to making it possible for women to serve on the front lines in wars and making it possible for men to marry men. Oh, and for everyone to use the same smelly bathroom.

Whereas Trump presented rapid fire a looooong list of GREAT things already in the bag for the United States of America. An AMAZING exposition!

Go ahead. Feast upon his words…




the OP is they type of nonsense you would expect to be spewed by a cultist…

Is this the rally where he said you need an ID to buy groceries?


I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry.

I will wait for the fact check to see if he beat his current record for lying.

When did we get a humor sub forum?

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Yup. And the deployable riff raff cheered before going home to their trailers. They also debased themselves taunting CNN. These people are trash.

When did we get a human sub forum, because that what was there.

Yes, that’s the one. I wonder if anyone has told him yet you don’t need a photo ID to buy food. You don’t even need to be of legal age.

But can you say “Merry Christmas” to the guy bagging your groceries?

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I stayed as far away from that nonsense as possible. I’m glad I didn’t have any work out at the airport yesterday. I don’t want to be anywhere near the orange clown and his gaggle of sycophants.

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Well I could, but since it’s August he might think I’m strange.

I thought the rally was outstanding. The call for a voter ID was a valid one.

You will need an ID at the grocery store if you are purchasing alcohol or tobacco products.

The enthusiasm was matching the economy…Up.

Merry Christmas!!


But that’s not what he said.

When you pay with a check you do.

Deplorables. Right, Hillary? :rofl:


Check? Who uses a check anymore? I haven’t written a check in 5 years.

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Jesus, you sound like me after I say the wrong thing to my girlfriend. Just making up excuses. “What I meant to say was…”

I guess all of the small business owners are Conservative. We write checks every day. :sunglasses: