Did Anyone Catch the Trumpus MAGA Mega Rally In Tampa?

How many times did you write a check to Apple or Amazon?

Not really. I paid the man that does my yard work with a check just the other day and he cashed it at the grocery store.

Leftists ■■■■ doesn’t stink …unlike the trashy trailer dwellers. :rofl:

This was a military crowd?

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Good catch. I didn’t see that.

Did he mention the $1trillion deficit

Why is the campaigner-in-Chief at another soothe the ego rally?

Doesn’t he have more important matter to attend to?

I’m going to have to check to make sure I’ve got ID before I leave the house today. Never know when you might need to grab some food from the grocery store…

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How many times have you ordered from Apple or Amazon without using some type of identification?

i post some stuff on here that other people say is crazy. over the years they have freaked about those posts and ripped me. but i really don’t mind because it’s true. i’ve warned about these people (just one example) for decades.

and here’s the worst part. you don’t really see what they’re like in that video. that performance yesterday was them being tempered.

things will get much worse. we’re no where near the bottom and most people don’t know how horrible those people really are or the lessons they teach their kids. they are massively proud of their thoughts and actions.

Wondered who would catch that?


Like golfing.


That leftist heckler that they threw out of the rally was the only embarrassing thing I witnessed. I guess you are used to that and worse though, seeing as how you have antifa and Maxine on your side.


He said you even need an ID at the grocery store. True if you buy certain products. He did not say you need an ID to buy food.

No need to twist his phraseology. Point is you need an ID for most everything. Showing one to vote isn’t a burden.

I haven’t listened to the speech yet. However, on my way home from work last night I was listening to the local talk show host. He was saying people had been waiting in line since the day before the rally. Also, that they would let people step out of line, hold their place so they could go to the restroom, get something to eat or sit in their car to cool off.

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Is shopping at a grocery store a constitutional right?

Just create a federal ID card and provide one to everybody free of charge. End of problem.

Better handled at local or even state level.

Guess it’s not such a big issue then is it :laughing:.

It’s the foundation of your Democracy. So spend the $$$ and get it done.

Strangely, those who shout the loudest about supposed voter fraud don’t seem to want to do that.

How was it a valid call for voter ID?

What case did he make fir it?

People already have to identify themselves to vote.

Mind you I do not oppose a photo ID presentation to vote, but neither do I delude myself with thinking it is “needed” because of some mythical “mass” voter fraud.

That has not happened.

Nor do I delude myself into thinking photo ID to vote will ensure no vote fraud will occur. Especially since most prolific and egregious cases of vote fraud have been of a type where photo ID at the polls would not have made any difference.


You shouldn’t insult your neighbors they’ll have your meth lab shutdown.

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