Desantis Protect Parental Rights in Education

Because one is trusted public servant. Do I even have to say that?

That’s not focusing on THE CRIME.

Whether someone is a trusted public servant does not change THE CRIME one bit.

That you think it does is your emotional reaction.

I’m referring to Sneaky post. There is a difference between someone trust me…a nobody verses someone trusting a teacher, doctor of police officer.

Nobody trusts lawyers thou. :wink:

I said there is no difference IN THE CRIME.

And there isn’t.

And this distinction is important.

Crime no…but that doesn’t change Sneak point does it?

You imposed it. I’m a liberal.

That isn’t helpful.

Mmmmmm. The law disagrees, especially in execution.

Still waiting.

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Not the recommendation method?! :rofl:


Not the DUCK MEME!

Are you recommending that I take it seriously?