Desantis now says “Fauci My Florida”

After his PAC made a mint selling merch with the slogan “Don’t Fauci My Florida”, looks like Governor Desantis has changed his tune in a hurry.

I guess having 20% of all new cases originating in The Sunshine State will do that to a guy, huh?

Although it was “expected” since the virus “follows a seasonal pattern” (■■■?)

Guy fits right in as a natural successor to Donald Trump. :roll_eyes:


He along with other Republicans are starting to appreciate the severity of Covid…its not going away and it does not respond to political feelings.

But after having undermined the vaccination effort which still puzzle’s me considering how they fawned over Opreration Warp speed as a success, I am afraid it may be too little to late.

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“How the hell am I going to be able to drink a beer with my mask on?”

Why does it puzzle you? This is a people for whom ■■■■■ the Libs” is the North Star.

They’ve transitioned from globalist neocon democracy spreaders in the W years to small government tea partyists in 2010 to big spending isolationists during the Trump years to conspiracy nuts in the Biden years.

The whiplash should not come as a surprise. Look at Republican perception of Russia in 2014 versus 2018.

The fact is that people waffle and are full of confirmation bias. Democrats are certainly not guiltless. The same people who in 1998 would give Clinton a dirty old man pass wanted Trump strung up by his balls in 2016, and the same people who were convinced Rumsfeld and Cheney were war criminals in 2005 were very “Meh” on our drone attacks during the Obama years.


MSNBC just had a Nurse on air from a Covid ward at a Jacksonville hospital. And she said that every one of her patents who can talk have been telling her how much they are wishing that they had gotten the vaccine when they had the chance. I hope that this wakes up a lot of folks. IMHO we are still a long way of putting this behind us.

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Tribalism is the norm in politics nowadays on both right and left.

Why realists such as myself increasingly have no “home base”.

Even Biden is getting nailed because of that. Regardless of people that want to paint him as a drooling senile socialist, he’s a realist.

And realists look weak in today’s bipolar Uber tribal climate.


He has always encouraged getting the vaccine. Anouther false outrage by the left. Look at the date of the article.


Getting the FDA to approve the vaccines that usually take a decade to approve wasn’t a bad thing. If anything the FDA itself should have different approval rules for vaccines that are fighting the modern day plague.

Moderna’s vaccine was made in one weekend before one case of covid was reported in the U.S. and nothing has changed in that formula to the shots people are getting today.

If you want the vaccine, by all means get it.

If you don’t want the vaccine, everyone can ■■■■ off when it comes to your body.



Insurance should start denying their claims, if they catch Covid at any point after the vaccine was available to everyone

Atta lib. Punish them for making you feel the feels. lol


Economics…not punishment.

That’s how you make yourself feel ok with punishing people who have different beliefs. Same ■■■■ different mouth. :wink:


It’s not punishment.

Choices have consequences.

Don’t you agree?

"Gov. DeSantis has failed Florida at every stage of this pandemic, and now he has let down Floridians once again by failing to effectively lead efforts to get our state fully vaccinated,"

If this is how they feeeel about Desantis who has done a great job so far, I can’t wait until they apply this same standard to Cuomo. Do you think they will or is that different?


Wouldn’t it be something if people that smoke paid more of life insurance than those that don’t?

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You don’t understand insurance. You and I have to pay for higher premiums to cover the low information Trump voter who decides the vaccine has Bill Gate Microchips in them.

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We also pay higher health premiums for Mary Jane Rottencrotch, Diabeetus Darryl and the Marlboro Man.

Jacking up rates for everyone by $1,000 and then offering that as a discount to the vaccinated would be great, but I believe that wellness discounts are limited to a small percentage of the premiums…

Desantis is a threat in 24 so they are going after him already. More and more negative talking pts assignments it appears.


And for Lance.