Desantis now says “Fauci My Florida”

On the contrary, this is more about Desantis backtracking because he knows he is a viable option for 2024.

1 in 5 new cases originating from Florida while his PAC sells anti-vaccine merchandise is not a good look for him.


Show us were he back tracked

The Young Rogue, Lord Lance of McPlow
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What part of “Don’t Fauci my Florida” did you miss?

Lance,who prefers sex with men.

Should we do the same for other health problems? You get heart disease because your fat deny the claim. You get aids or some other sexual transmitted disease no insurance for you. You smoke no insurance for you.
Tell us leftist where is that empathy your so proud of? That’s right you only care if they are the right kind of people.


I nailed it and he knows it. Doesn’t like it but knows it. :grin:

They have to try and keep the “pandemic” alive through mid terms and smear desantis every chance they get.

Like good :sheep:.


Already happens. People pay higher premiums for pre existing conditions.

I’d rather have MFA… but we can’t have nice things because one side has to “own the libz”

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Again what did he backtrack? Yea he made a statement now tell us what was he backtracking from?

DeSantis railed against pandemic precautions, signed anti vax passport legislation, signed legislation prohibiting cruise lines from asking about vax status, withheld reports, cherry picked numbers, etc, etc, etc.

Desantis is a threat because if another pandemic came during a Desantis Presidency (heaven forbid), he’d bungle it worse than Trump. And that failure would be compounded by the fact that he now has real life experience, whereas Trump did not.

Lance of the Disco preferred men to ladies
Bedded one too many fellows
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You don’t understand. We have to pay more for health insurance because low information leftist already who can’t control their sexual urges, smoke, drink do drugs, eat to much, ect. Should we just tell everyone no more insurance you are doing things to endanger your health?

Well yeah, my monogamous, in-shape, non-smoking, vaccinated self would love lower premiums.

Good decision making should be rewarded.

Unvaccinated, obese smokers are more likely to suck up resources.

Is any of this controversial?

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Agreed. But not equitable.

I didn’t suggest “no more insurance”

I suggest insurance companies do what they do best… raise premiums to cover irresponsible anti vax People.

You gave several examples of other situations where they raise premiums or deny coverage. Add COVID to the list.

What you only want to help pay for people doing dangerous things you agree with.
Seems like you only care about people who do what you like. The rest can just die because they won’t listen to you.
Hate to tell you but most of the people who aren’t getting vaccinated are not trump supporters. But let your hate flow it shows just how much empathy the leftist have.

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Waiting on you. What did he backtrack from? Your OP time line does not add up

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Where the heck is all that leftist empathy? No lets let these people die because we hate them. No claims for them even though they have been paying their insurance premiums for years.

Where did I say that?

I said insurance companies should raise premiums or deny claims like they do for all of the bad decisions you listed earlier.

If you catch COVID, sorry your claim is denied. OR you and I pay higher premiums to support them. Given that the shot is free and has been proven to work… with no effort on the part of the taker… there really is no excuse to avoid it at this point.

Vaccines are like economies, I guess. Good if it happens on my guy’s watch; bad if it happens on yours.

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