Sturgis bike rally leads to a 600% jump in covid cases

If Biden hadn’t bussed all those illegals to the event, this never would have happened.

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What would have happened? He did add fuel to the fire.l across the nation.

Because I do not have animosity toward unvaccinated americans.

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Yeah there’s the real problem. The biggest part of the problem. Hundreds of thousands of illegals crossing the border, many of whom are infected.

It’s a shame that a bike rally led to a jump in cases. The Super Spreader "immigration policy is leading to a problem tens of thousands of times bigger than the bike rally imo and it is taboo for the left to even condemn that or talk about it.

Playing politics.

Sure, sure.

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You have a weird definition of animosity. :wink:


So you mean Kristi on her horse couldn’t stop that?

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boy isn’t that the truth.

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Cons do love a good cowboyin’ flag wavin’ show don’t they…

I do have animosity toward people who don’t wear helmets.

And the unvaccinated. :wink:


I don’t.

The negative outcomes of that decision accrue to the decision-maker alone.

That quote proves I think people who don’t wear helmets are jack asses

It says nothing about the unvaccinated.

While comparing them to the unvaccinated. Enjoy that sombrero dance. :rofl:


I compared vaccine mandates to helmet laws. I did not compare the unvaccinated to the people who don’t wear helmets.

Yea he wants us to believe he only has animosity toward a person that is only affecting themselves. not toward a person that he feels can affect others lives.




I’ve watched them all desperately claw at every possible attempt they can think of to convince everyone else to be as obedient as them for over a year and a half now.


So SAD. :rofl:


What’s “helmet law”?

Laws that mandate helmets on motorcycles.