Democrats emulating the Russians

Any foreign intervention in an election should be punished. But for the sanctimonious Democrats who decry Russian tactics, they apparently have no problem using those same tactics.

Of note in the article is that the project was funded by one of the co-founders of LinkedIn.

What do the resident liberals say, is this acceptable?

But I thought the Russians didnt effect the vote counts. Which is it cons?


Cons should be happy Democrats are using “russian” tactics. It didnt effect the outcome of the election in 2016.


No its not acceptable to try to win at all costs

I am glass there is now agreement that those tactics can and will affect an election

Kushner tactics

Anyone who thinks social media can change votes is just silly.

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Plus we dont even know if it was Russia. Could have been China. Or some 400 lb guy on his bed


Is it technically illegal for American citizens to affect American elections?

I couldn’t find anything in the article about Democrats working with a foreign power to affect the election the same way that Republicans like to do.


That’s what I was going for, thank you. Ends justify the means.

Would you support laws against such tactics?

All of a sudden conservatives hate free speech and capitalism…

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And Americans participating in American elections.

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Do you believe the Russians affected votes?

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Not allowed to use social media now that Mueller caught trump camp conspiring with russians

Isn’t that the point of these investigations? So it’s ok to use their tactics?

Politics have no place on social media. I support laws against such a thing.

Do you think Americans have more of a problem with the what of the Russian tactics or The Who?

Hint, the answer is that Russians shouldn’t be participating in our elections.

Just like it’s ok for Americans to contribute money to American campaigns, but not OK for Russians and especially the Russian ■■■■■■■ GRU.

I hope this helps.

Republicans work with Russians to win elections.

Democrats work with Americans to win elections.

Both should be illegal IMO.


Oh… so the fact that russians were involved in american elections wasnt the problem for conservatives…

It was the tactics they opposed…

Makes sense i guess…

They have no problems working with russians as long as they only use conservative approved tactics…

Like constant blatant lies and using illegal funds…