Democrats Creating Artificial Shortages that will Lead to Recession

Their insane policies of discouraging people to go back to work has ships backing up in massive quantities.

This is killing the economy, shutting down even more businesses because they can’t get products to keep their company going. Many large companies are having to shut down due to this as well.

If you aren’t going to fix it so people have incentive to go to work, at least call in substitutes, National Guard, illegal aliens, something. This is going to tar you all if you don’t fix it next election.


Unemployment ran out last month.

There was a looming labor shortage before the pandemic. The pandemic made it worse.


Which policies?

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It’s a global shortage. Did the Democrats in other countries cause that as well?

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It’s not just here. The whole world is struggling with labor shortages. It’s like once people got off the hamster wheel, they don’t want to get back on.

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Global liberal world leader conference call.

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The west coast part of my Union… IATSE is voting to strike over quality of life issues because the Pandemic put into perspective what people were missing by working 70+ hours a week.



It would be easier to discuss this topic if you told us which policies you’re referring to.

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Then cut back on hours & hire more people…wait, can’t do that, they are making more sitting at home!

Unemployment ran out last month… and the entertainment industry went back to work September 2020.

The producers guild does not want to cut back on hours or hire more people. They would rather work people 70+ hours a week and allow for only ten hours between each work day all at a lower wage.

That is a treadmill that people don’t want to be on anymore.

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That’ll teach those businesses to keep unemployment levels below crisis intervention levels! :rofl:


I did the first post. If you can’t figure out the policies I’m referring to you aren’t keeping up on anything.

For those in Rio Lina, paying people more to sit at home than working…

Funny, Jescoe knew exactly what i meant his first reply…

Neo-marxists did, yes.

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They aren’t making more sitting at home.

What part of “unemployment has run out” are you missing?

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Great! Go on strike. Funny how Hollywierd loves to talk how they love workers & think people need to make more pay, then don’t do as they say.

More like can’t do that when they’re not willing to pay people enough to want to work for them in the first place. Literally no one is getting unemployment due to the pandemic at this point. That ended a month ago.


I did.

That policy ended at the beginning of last month.

There is more going on here than increased unemployment but a more pervasive problem in the trucking industry with a labor shortage, high turnover and aging workforce.

The pandemic made all of those things worse.

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We’re not mind readers. If there are specific “insane policies” please tell us so that we can discuss them.

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Really? Then WHY are there no new workers? Are they starving? Living on the street?

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